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Let’s Talk SEO

Today let’s talk about SEO

SEO is a mystery for many business people.

I have seen that topic across Social Media over the past week or so and again today and people offer some insights on this the other day right in my Facebook group.

When it comes to SEO, people hire companies to do it for them, without understanding what it really is and believing what they are told it will do for them, without knowing if that is possible, or even the right thing for their business.

Here is what SEO is about, in a nutshell:

Firstly, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

Sounds really simple, don’t you think?

It is made very complicated by many people.

I remember many years ago, someone contacted me online and promised: I get your website listed top of the list in Google, organic, not as an ad.

What outcome would that have for me?

It means when people search for what I do, my website comes up top of the page and it is not an ad

What is the advantage of my listing top of the page not being an ad?

Many people searching for something prefer businesses who do not advertise as they perceive that to be synonymous with having to pay more for that businesses’ services. (because they spend money on ads!)

The offer I got, to be found on page one of Google, from this source many years ago, was VERY affordable, you know, too good to be true!?

I took the offer, I wanted to see what this person was doing and what impact it would really have for my business.

Interestingly, he did get me to come up top of the page in Google Search – BUT not the way you’d expect!


Here is where I’m linking this to writing a book, which is where my focus is today.

Most people in business who write a book, simply set out writing.

They consider the writing to be the most important part, and everything else comes later.

Like many people consider coming up on page one in Google to be the most important part to be found.

These people do not think about what will happen once someone searched for them on Google and finds them top of page one.

Being found on page one is not the end, it is the beginning.

The question then is:
• What was the searcher’s motivation in searching, in the first place?
• Why would the searcher now click on that website link?
• What would trigger them to click on that link?
• Why would they not click on that top of the page link and go to one further down the page?
• Should the searcher click on the link and get to the website, what happens next?
• What does the business person expect to happen?
• What has the business put in place to make that happen?


There is question after question to be asked before people set out to come up top of page one in a Google search for their business.

This is the same when writing a book without first asking questions.

• Who will read the book?
• Why would they want to read the book?
• What is to happen once the person has read the book?
• What does the writer of the book expect to happen?
• How can that outcome be incorporated into the book?

…are just some of the questions to be asked, which is exactly where my Write & Publish a Marketing Optimized Book in 6-Weeks or less starts: one-hundred-and-one questions!

When people write a book without asking those questions first, they cannot optimize the book for Marketing and once it is published, after the initial euphoria of being ‘an Author’ questions do pop up in the writer’s mind:

• Why is my book not selling like ‘hot cakes’?
• People are saying it’s a great book but not many are buying it?
• People who have bought it say it’s great, they even leave me good reviews but that’s it, I thought they’d come and want to work with me?
• Oprah (or the Media) has not called me, when will that happen, I wonder?


And after a while, disappointment sets in, even fear that the book might not actually be as good as the writer thought.

For some it might then be a scramble to find Marketing or a Marketer who will promote the book.

• So more people get to know about the book.• So more people will buy the book
• So more people will come and want to work with the writer.

Unfortunately, just like with coming up top of page one in Google without having optimized the rest of the customer’s journey to the website and to a clear action to be taken on the webpage they land on, it is now a much more difficult journey to market the book.


Good SEO companies will take you through the questioning process and will consider with you every part of what is to happen to achieve the outcome you wish to get, from people coming to your website.

Simply coming up first on page one of Google is not the end!

In the same way, I take established Coaches and Consultants who achieve great outcomes with their clients, may that be in Health & Wellness work, like: Energy Therapy, Pain Relief Work or it might be work with People on Mindset, like: NLP, Trauma Therapy, Money Matters,
… whatever they are coaching or consulting in, important is they are getting great results with their Clients and know it is time to spread their expertise further and wider (…and because many people have told them to write a Book!),

I take them through Questions first so we can optimize the Book for Marketing and optimize the book for the outcome the writer wants to achieve.


And how exactly did my website link come up top of the page in Google Search? Probably much the same a many people experience a very different outcome to what they had hoped for by writing and publishing a book!

My website came up top of the list on page one for very specific local searches. When a person was searching for Websites, local suburb, local city, my listing would be in just the actual locality list of businesses. Not what I expected!

For your SEO find yourself a reputable SEO company and be clear on what you want to achieve so it can be set up in a way that you achieve that outcome.

Are you ready to write a Book to be seen by more people, have your expertise more widely known, attract paying clients, perhaps dream projects and high profit business opportunities?
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