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When this question was asked about writing a Book to build Trust: “Do you think the trust is built because the potential client read the book, or simply because they see you have written a book and that increases your expertise in their eyes?”

It was easy to respond with: ‘…clients who wrote their book with me regularly tell me how easy it is for them to attract new clients, that there are few or no price objections and they enjoy working with those types of clients, because their book created the trust it takes to get the clients in the first place’, and here is why:

Almost every problem people experience in attracting new clients, converting prospects to clients and when getting price objections is somehow related to not offering enough detail about their method to reach the solution they offer and that is usually due to the information being offered in short social media posts or 2min videos where such details are consistently missing because of lack of space, details your prospects need to make the decision to fully trust you and want to work with you.

How most people want to start writing a book is because they have an idea. They are in business and have been told they ‘should’ write a book, or they have heard that being the author of a book can instantly increase their credibility and expand their visibility and with that create trust.

People imagine their expertise will shine bright and people will come and want to work with them…as long as they write a ‘good’ book!

It seems a logical thing to do, but here’s what happens…

…when you start with your focus on ‘good’, and think ‘it will happen’ you lose sight of what you are going to write about, who will read it and how to establish trust with your writing!

You can write about how you came to start your business. You can write a top-10 list of tips on your subject matter. You can share testimonials. You can write something real and raw and authentic about a personal experience. You can tell inspirational stories.

The problem is that none of those types of books show off your knowledge and expertise in a way that they create trust and convert interest to clients, if you didn’t start with these crucial key elements:

Well instead of sitting down to write and just start (often what the person says they feel ‘guided’ to write), it’s all about first getting clear on what outcome is to be achieved by writing the book.

Getting clarity on what the book is ‘to do’ for the person, is the start to positioning trust.

Here is what I mean by that: when a life coach wants to write a book the first thought for writing might simply be ‘I want to share my knowledge telling more people about being happy in life and with their work and use my book as a guide’, but when that life coach is challenged to explain what that will do for them, themselves, they often say something like:

‘Oh, well, people reading my book can do the work on their own, that could be for people who can’t afford my services’…

…and that’s missing the first crucial key element!

Writing a book for people you’re not actually going to work with cannot create trust in you and you are still going to have to spend a lot of time, effort and likely money, to advertise such a book so those people, that you are not going to work with, will know about and buy your book.

A more successful outcome for the life coach writing a book would be to attract the type of client they’d like to work with and have that client come to them because they read the book (in some cases a prospect does not even have to have read the book but merely heard you speak about it and they trust you and are ready to contact you).

And that’s what the original question was: “Do you think the trust is built because the potential client read the book, or simply because they see you have written a book and that increases your expertise in their eyes?”

When the life coach, as in this example, writes the book with the outcome to attract new ideal clients to him/her, being clear on that literally provides you with immediately knowing who the book is going to be written for – your ideal client!

With that clarity, the speed of getting the topic and the title for the book set amazes clients of mine time and time again.
The next crucial key elements that build the trust are the book title, when it is specific to the ideal client, and the way the book can now be written with exactly this client in mind.

If we look at these elements together now, for example:

The life coaches’ book covers the topic most wanted to know more about by their ideal client and an attention attracting headline is chosen, specifically for that ideal client, let’s say something like: “The Simple Plan to Balance your Life and Spend more time on the Things you Love”

…because the coaches’ ideal clients want to know about that topic, every time the book is mentioned, for example, at an interview or in a podcast, and the life coach talks about details written in the book, the coaches’ expertise can be seen and heard, from the coach directly and because the coach has written the book.

Hopefully, you can see that both, trust is built by reading the book AND trust is built when the ideal client hears about the book, when the crucial key elements are in place, like clients of mine start with, long before they write the first word of their book.

Of course, this is only part of the unique method I’ve developed to help coaches, consultants, and experts to write and publish an expert status book that creates trust.

What I shared here specifically, is one of the main things I address right at the start with my clients in my program which is a complete Book Writing & Publishing Strategy and Framework that helps attract more clients, increases your industry credibility & positions you as the ‘Go To’ Expert, organically.

If you are thinking about writing a book to attract new clients or maybe you have already started writing, and now you are not sure anymore, and you want my help, PM me and we will chat to see if you and your business are a good fit; if so, we can get you started, most of the time, right away.

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