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How do I get more Subscribers


How do I get more subscribers to my newsletters or my offers?

That’s a great question.

Hi. I’m Sigrid de Kaste from Stickybeak Marketing….and what can you do to get more subscribers to your Newsletter?

  • Well, there’s a formula to it and the formula is that you need to know what are your potential customers or clients are looking for?
  • What is it that they are looking for that is really interesting to them?
  • That is informative to them?
  • That gives them value, that they perceive as value?
  • What is it that you could possibly give them?
  • Is it information about how to tune up their own car?
  • Or is it information about what steps they need to take to learn driving rather quickly, if that’s what they want to?

So depending on your industry, depending on what market you are operating in, what it is you do, get to know what your customers or your clients are looking for in terms of having answered.

Then, if you make your offer to subscribe to a newsletter not “subscribe to my newsletter,” but make it something like “Subscribe to tips on how to” or “why”.


Something along those lines so that they are getting information that they know you’re going to give them some valuable information.

I think that makes sense. Doesn’t it?

So go and find out from your clients … what are they looking for that you can give them and make the sign-up in that way, so that they are getting something for it.

Newsletters are 10 to a dozen, so they’re not that interesting when you simply ask the viewer to sign up to your Newsletter

Make it something specific that they are getting. For example, use: 3 New Marketing Tips a Week – Subscribe now!

Or perhaps: Important Insurance Up-dates you Absolutely need to Know about – Subscribe now!

You get the idea? It is so much easier to subscribe to something specific, knowing what you get for subscribing and even the hint that it will be ongoing

Use these ideas for your newsletter sign up call to action and watch your subscription rate rise fast!

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