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Plan, Position and Maximize Your Brand for Making more Money!

…using the Power of Stickybeak Marketing Department!


Why do companies have a Marketing Department?

The heart of your business success lies in its marketing. Nearly all aspects of your business depend on successful marketing. The overall marketing umbrella covers everything from business cards to advertising, public relations, promotions, social media, online and print media and sales, including how you price your products and services.

The Shocking Truth: Only when you Control your Marketing, do you Control your Money!

The biggest flaw for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners is spending on Marketing they don’t understand! As a Business Owner you are a Professional in your field of Expertise. Rarely also Marketing. Unless your business has the budget to set up an in-house Marketing Department you will constantly have to decide what Marketing you should do, when to do it and where to get the right Marketing information that’s applicable to your business

Stickybeak Marketing Department: The Ultimate 5-Step Online Training and Coaching Program 

…where we Help You Set Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Establish Your Brand, Position Your Authority, Create and Distribute Your High-Quality Social Media Content and Build Irresistible Products & Programs to Build Your Business

Your Personal Marketing Department is based on you receiving Mastermind Coaching on all aspects of Marketing LIVE once a month with weekly tasks, your questions answered, accountability buddies, Website, Social Media, Email Marketing techniques explained and, and, and so much more! You have access to an ever growing, regularly updated Marketing Library which you can Access easy, online, anytime you want to work on your Marketing!

Stickybeak Marketing Department: This is a Complete Solution and Includes Digital Product and Membership Site Set Up

Your Marketing Department keeps up with changes and research, up-dates on new results and new applications,  so you don’t have to!

You simply attend the monthly sessions, follow your Marketing strategy and plan which is created when you start with your Marketing Department.

Accepting Accountability and supporting other Members contributes to your own Motivation staying strong.

The 5 Pillars to Positioning for Profit, you will put in Place, Including Easy Lead Generation Tools:

Pillar 1 – How to make an Impact

  • Define your outcome – what do you want your Marketing to achieve?
  • Create your Hook & Story – how to Position yourself as the Recognized Expert
  • Your Signature Talk – how to build this with your audience in mind
  • Build your Online Presence – how, where and on what Platforms?

Pillar 2 – The Power of the Printed Word

  • Content is still King – the Super Simple Formula explained
  • Blog Writing – we show you how, where and why
  • Your Book – why Authorship sets you up for Success
  • Reports and White Papers – why you need these and how to create them in a flash

Pillar 3 – Your List is Your Pot of Gold

  • You Urgently Need to Build a List – that’s where the Money is!
  • Collect a Database of Prospects anytime, anywhere
  • Set yourself up to get an ongoing source of qualified leads
  • Segment your audience, make them feel special

Pillar 4 – Create Irresistible Products & Programs

  • Turn your Knowledge into Digital Products and Programs
  • Membership sites are already taking business to a new level across all kinds of industries
  • Create Instant and Recurring Income
  • The fastest Platforms to set up

Pillar 5 – Profit from Promotions

  • Use as many Channels as you can to be Visible – we show you the Top Performing one’s
  • Let the Top Platforms Promote you – for FREE
  • Use Social Media Automation – your clients are active at different times
  • Deliver your Message Online and at Networking Events – here is how to present your Offers

Access Your Marketing Department Anytime, 365 Days, 24 Hours - Join NOW!

Marketing Department – The Knowledge

You get the Teaching, Tips, Techniques and ‘How to’:

  • You have the Commitment to Grow yourself and your Business
  • You are prepared to invest the Time to attend Sessions
  • You are willing to Actively Participate
  • You are clear it takes Effort and Determination to Succeed

What you also get:

We show you how to set up the 5-Steps as outlined above

One Online LIVE Meeting First Tuesday of every Month – total Session time 2 hours

90 min of the Session Training, 30 min your Questions answered

Weekly Support and Accountability Emails

Email Support to your Questions

24 hour Access to Online Marketing and Business Building Library

Worksheets, Tools, Tips and Templates

Opportunity to promote your Business

Bring your Marketing Ideas and Efforts together using your Personal Marketing Department

Implement the 5-Steps & Watch yourself and your Business grow!

Incredible Value Investment:

You are Investing in Your Knowledge and Your Business!

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Marketing Department – The Software Included

You are subscribed to our Complete Marketing Platform:

The Most Unique Online, Social Media & Mobile Marketing Machine

Training and the Platform to set up:

  • Unlimited, Powerful List Building Campaigns to grow your Business
  • Online Subscription, Email, Newsletter and Text Messaging Tools – Unlimited
  • Digital Product Platform – create as many Products as you like
  • Membership Sites, using Video, Text, PDF – Paid or FREE – No Limit!
  • Lead Generation Funnels and Campaigns – as many as you need, specifically niched
  • Connect all the Social Media Profiles you like – then Auto-deliver your Posts
  • all your files, pictures and videos uploaded in ONE convenient place


You receive, in Addition to everything as described before, an additional Half Day Session every third Tuesday in the Month which offers you specific training and set up Support of your Marketing Campaigns, Membership Sites, Digital Products and Email Newsletters in the Marketing Software Platform

PLUS one 30 min one on one Session

This is a Complete Marketing Department Solution

All the Training, Teaching and the Tools to Put Everything in Place!

This is a Top Value Investment others in the Market charge over $5,500 per month for!

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The Information you get is Highly Relevant, for any Business:

Good email content – this is interesting stuff re Facebook.  Whilst its not my consulting space (LinkedIn is) its important to know of these changes. 

Sue Parker, DARE Group Australia

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