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How to know what Help you need

How to know what Help you Need: Navigating the Three Key Phases of Book Writing

Embarking on the journey of writing a book is a thrilling yet challenging endeavor, and seeking help at various stages can significantly impact your success.

The scenarios in which one seeks assistance often fall into three critical phases: inception, publication, and marketing, usually in that order and here is why:


The beginning of your writing journey can be both exhilarating and overwhelming and so most people grapple with the fundamental question of where and how to start.

Seeking help in this phase often involves reaching out to mentors, writing coaches, or participating in writing workshops.

It seems a logical thing to do, but here is the truth…


The only way to develop a clear outline, defining your target audience, and crystallizing the core message of your book is to start with clarity around what you wish to achieve by having your book.

What is your book to do for you, is the key question to ask.


Once the manuscript is complete, the next part of the journey awaits: the complex realm of publishing.

Many authors face challenges in understanding the intricacies of the publishing process, deciding between traditional and self-publishing, and ensuring their work aligns with industry standards.

Seeking help in this phase without having started the writing journey with clarity around what is to be achieved by having the book, is like starting to renovate your house without a plan.


And finally…even a brilliantly written and published book needs effective marketing to reach its audience.

Authors often find themselves seeking help in creating a robust marketing strategy, leveraging social media, and optimizing their online presence way too late and without clarity around WHO their reader should be!

Imagine an author who has successfully published a book but struggles to gain visibility in a saturated market, using language that does not attract the right reader and in social media channels the reader does not use.

Marketing your book must be considered FIRST, long before you start writing.

Marketing is about connecting the right ‘product’ to an eagerly your solution seeking reader and you can only make that happen when you wrote your book for this reader in the first place.


So, you see, writing a book about a topic close to your heart you want to share with the world begins with a well-thought-out plan around what you want to achieve.

Your book planning should ideally focus on further building your brand and that includes how the book will be made available to readers and where, which are areas of marketing, for example.

And that’s exactly what my Marketing Optimized Book Writing & Publishing Framework offers.


Women who get my help, for example, never ‘sell’ their book, their book ‘sells them, their brand and their expertise.

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