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There is a Recipe to bake a good Bread…

             but is there a Recipe to Write a ‘good’ Book?

I’ve made it! Look at that bread!

After trials and tribulations, I’ve finally ‘stuck’ to the recipe and my gluten free buckwheat bread turned out!

The shape is right, the taste is great and it’s fluffy and light, unlike many ‘off the shelf’ gluten free breads!

I’ve been testing gluten free bread baking over the past 4 or 5 years and some have turned out, most not.

Often I ‘substituted’ the ingredients, meaning I did not stick to what the recipe actually asked for.

I did that for various reasons, either I did not have those ingredients or I did not know what exactly they were and therefore did not go looking for them, or I simply wanted to do it ‘my way’!

Doing that, most of the time, my bread did not turn out well!

So, holding this well-turned out loaf of gluten free bread in my hands, I was reminded of a conversation I had a couple of days ago, with an established wellness consultant.

She told me that her clients had told her for a long time to write a book about her wonderful healing methods. The, at times astonishing outcomes she achieved with clients, they said, should be made known and her status as the expert in that field of healing should me made known more widely!

She went about it the ‘traditional’ way. She started writing her book along the lines her clients had suggested.

Let me interject a Tip here:

Before you start writing, know WHO you are writing for and most of all WHY you are writing the book!

The ideas and suggestions her clients made were lovely and given from the heart – and of course the wellness consultant wants to write from the heart BUT it’s also about her business.

What outcome will there be for her business, from writing a book? Her existing clients know what she can do, how does she need to approach new clients, how do they need to be told about her expertise in a book?

Let me jump back to my bread. When I simply used what I had instead of following the recipe with the correct ingredients, my breads did not rise, or they were ‘rock hard’! Not the bread I hoped for but a logic outcome from not following the recipe.

When a book is written without a reader in mind and what that reader is expecting, or looking for to read, the book will not make an impact!

Unlike baking a bread, where you can find a gazillion different recipes for gluten free bread, there is NO actual recipe for writing a book!
There is only a ‘tradition’ of writing a book.

This tradition is totally outdated and ‘spiked’ with many untruths!

The tradition is:

Sit down and start writing! Whatever topic you think you want/should write about, just start. It’s ok, an editor will ‘fix’ any writing issues
Write a bit every day and your book will come together, might take a while, you know, well known authors sometimes take years to write a novel!
Once you’re finished, decide on your actual title and cover, have your book edited and then formatted for publishing.

That’s often a ‘package’ where you then end up with a STACK of books in your spare room and you need to make the time for, to package and post, when someone orders your book!? (imagine you’d have loads of people all order at the same time?)

And of course, most people end up with that stack of books for years to come! Why?

Because they have no idea how to market the book and are focused on book sales, so they talk about their book everywhere and to everyone to buy it, only not many do!

Comparison to my bread?

It’s too ‘gluggy’, it did not rise, it’s rock hard, you just can’t eat it!

Seriously, there is a better way!

Follow the recipe, (hang on, I’ll give you the bread recipe in just a tick!)

The book recipe is my specific method for established coaches and consultants to write & publish a marketing optimized book in 6-weeks or less YES, you can do the entire process in just 6 weeks! (Here is my ‘Recipe’)

Best to get the most book writing and publishing details, and more specific scenarios around what that book ‘recipe’ is, specifically around the ‘marketing optimized’ part, go jump into my FB group and read all my posts about it there!

…and for those who are hanging out for the gluten free bread recipe, here it is:

30g Olive Oil
140g Buckwheat Flour
340g Ready Made Gluten Free Flour (best with Tapioca Starch, Rice Flour and Potato Starch as Ingredients)
· 1tsp Xanthan Gum
· 1 tsp Salt
· 300 g Water
· 15 g sugar
· 2 tsp dried yeast
· 1 tbs Rice or Apple Cider Vinegar
· 1 Egg
I did this in the Thermomix, so depending on how well you knead it, is how light and fluffy it will be!
Mix the flours with salt in a bowl
Put sugar, water, yeast, oil, vinegar and egg into a pot and heat 2min on 37deg while stirring

Then add flour mix and knead well

Place into bowl and stand for 30min into warm place, until doubled in size –
Put into a bread baking form and bake in oven, 200deg, for approx. 25min (this does depend on your oven)
Voila! Your bread is ready.

…now, for the Book Writing ‘Recipe’, simply go and join my group and you’ll find what ‘ingredients’ are important, and how it’s all put together!
Link to my FB Group is below.

Don’t like FB? Then keep reading my blogs here on this website – you’ll see how I ‘dig’ into the questions and misconceptions people have about writing a book.


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