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Blueberries in Brisbane and Your Marketing

Blueberries in Brisbane and Your Marketing

What does growing blueberries in Brisbane have to do with your marketing? Hi, I’m Sigrid de Kaste from Stickybeak Marketing. That might sound like a really odd question to you. Here is why it is not, and what I am exploring in this post with you.



Reading the Label

Recently I went to the local Bunnings Hardware store that also sells plants. I saw that they had a batch of beautiful blueberry bushes in stock. I took a close look and thought, “Wow, I’d love blueberries in my garden. They’ll be grown without any sprays, and naturally, and organically. That will be really cool.” I took a look at the label as to how I need to care for them. The label said a number of interesting things. It said that they are fairly hardy, they are best grown in a pot, and in full sun. A particular mixture of soil would be good to use. I was really considering of buying it there and then, but I didn’t.


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Find the Right Spot

I went and asked a friend who knows a lot about gardening, a lot more details than even I do, and especially knows about gardening here in Brisbane. I asked her about growing blueberries in Brisbane. She said, “Yes, they do grow and they grow well, and I have just had a fantastic crop of really sweet blueberries. Here is what you need to know. They do not grow in full sun in Brisbane. They don’t like it. It stunts their growth altogether. Yes, you can grow them in a pot, but you need to find the right spot for them.”


Okay, so, let’s come back to your marketing. What does this have to do with your marketing? In my time in Stickybeak Marketing, having dealt with a lot of different business owners from a huge variety of businesses. I’ve dealt with law firms, insurance companies, products down the road, like office supplies. Health and wellness industry. Quite a vast variety of different businesses. The one thing they all have in common, most of the time, is that label that they look at. Marketing, free tips. Marketing, here’s the latest thing you should be doing. Then they go and follow those instructions or those latest shiny objects, let’s call them. That’s the label of the blueberry bush that I saw. Luckily I did not follow it. A lot of business owners follow those instructions, those well meant recommendations by other business owners. Here is the thing, how does this other business owner know it will work for you? They have not been in your business, and you’re taking something on, most often without clarity around how it will work for you.

Marketing Tips

Relating that back to my blueberries, how it will work and grow in Brisbane. What’s the foundation for marketing your business? The foundation is always that your business, everything that you do and everything that you offer, is unique to you, but it’s not about you. It’s got nothing to do with you. It’s about your customers and your clients. This is a very often said phrase, get to know your customer. Create your avatar. Make a profile of who you are selling to. Yet, amazingly, so many businesses, business owners, do not follow this first foundational pillar of marketing. Know who your customer is. They are the ones who are buying from you, not you. It really doesn’t matter whether you like a colour, or whether you like a particular headline. It is about how is it going to hook your customer? Your marketing needs to fit your business, your customers, not what the label says. There are so many fantastic social media platforms out there. There’s a new one almost every week. Okay, that might be a little bit over the top, but you know what I mean.


The Right Combination for Your Business

People jump to Pinterest, or Facebook, or Linkedin, but there are distinct differences. People say it’s got to be digital. It’s got to be on my website. SEO or Google adwords. Yes, absolutely, all of those thing work, and they work really well. The right combination for you business, and for where your customers or clients are, that’s the secret behind it. Consider growing blueberries in Brisbane works. You need the right information about how to. Your marketing works, but ask the right person. Simply taking advice from the next business owner, even if it’s worked well for them, it might not be for you if you have a different business with different customers, who have a different problem that you can solve for them. A different pain point. Get the advice from somebody who works in the field of marketing. Just like you are an expert, or specialist, in your field and your industry, so are there experts in marketing that can bring it all together and give you the guidance that you need so that you can grow blueberries in Brisbane? No, so that you can get the right marketing in place for your business.


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