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Here is How to Create Extra Visibility and more Viewers

Get Your Online & Social Media Secret Weapon: Stickybeak Social Marketing

With all of the “noise” out there about “having to be” in social media, have you ever stopped to wonder how relevant it is for you and what you offer?

    • Every day it seems there’s a new site out with a new way to make you visible to your potential buyers….only… the way to go about it is always infringing on your precious time
    • While it is critical to be found online, now more than ever, how much time can you make available to be discovered…not only that…how do you convey to potential buyers that your Industry knowledge, experience, product or service is exactly what they need?



  • How you are using social and other media more effectively as a way of shaping your image and marketing message does NOT have to be time consuming

In order to be more Visible to more potential Buyers…Stickybeak Social Marketing offers you these definite outcomes:

  1. Regular weekly posts to your currently set up Social Media sites
  2. Set up of 5 ADDITIONAL Social Media sites for you
  3. Regular weekly posts to ALL Social Media sites done for you – 10 Posts per Site per Week

Your Investment of $297 plus GST per month (minimum 6 months), will get you Targeted Visitors to your Site

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Social Media Packages Available

Social Media Profile Set Up

90% of consumers research companies and purchases online before they buy offline and 78% of consumers trust online peer recommendations.  Half of all online  consumers use a Social Network to share promotions with their friends and followers

What does this mean for you? You need a Social Media Profile suited to your Target Market – that’s the people who you want to attract and convert to clients and customers

Your Social Media Profile has to capture your audience, convey the essence of who you and your company are and engage them to share what you have to say

Not sure how to set up your Social Media Profile?

Stickybeak Marketing offers you the following:

  • Identify in which Social Media your clients/customers are looking for you
  • Develop your Social Media Brand Strategy
  • Create your Profile Text
  • Set up your Profile on 3 relevant to you Social Media Sites
  • Deliver a series of Social Media post samples you can use immediately
  • Create a short Profile Video of you
  • Instruct you on how to gauge and measure your Social Media efforts

This package is delivered over 30 days and is excellent value at $997

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Google Profile Set Up

Google is the most used search engine and it should be no surprise that Google+ has become the most powerful Social Media Platform with 343 million active users as of Jan 2013…however the huge number of active users is only one part, the relevance for you is Google+ as part of the Google suite of tools is highly important for your website to be found in searches!

Add to that your Google Places listing and the opportunity to use Google Hangouts both internally and as an external promotion tool makes it an absolute MUST for your business to create not only your Profile but set yourself up with every tool Google offers you

Over 30 days Stickybeak Marketing works with you in creating your complete Google Set Up including:


  • Understanding Google Tools Training Session
  • Google+ Profile Page Set Up
  • Google Circles How and Why
  • Integrate Google Places
  • Using Google Hangouts How to
  • What Keywords and Links to use
  • How to Promote your Profile
  • Listening to your customers on Google

You have a lot to gain by embracing Google with all it offers you and your business…grab this opportunity to better understand it and effectively maximize its potential.

Your investment of only $997 will return before you know it

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