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Being Visible with your Content in Particular with your Book

Being Visible with your Content and in particular your Book

In a world of too many options and too little time, our obvious choice is to just ignore the ordinary things, the average and all that is NOT on our ‘radar’ because we are currently NOT looking for it.

So, the ‘Secret’ to attract Attention is to know:

• What Problem we Solve
• What our Specific Solution is and
• Who has that Problem and is looking for a Solution right NOW!

And then address that specific problem and that specific person who’s looking for the solution, by naming them.

Instead of saying: this is for business owners – be specific:

‘…this is for retail business owners ’ or ‘business owners in services like accounting’ or ‘business coaches who work with executives’ etc.

Can you see the difference?

Really, I mean does it stand out for you?

If not, read it again and think about content you’ve created and found no one, or very few, have looked at it or commented on it.

Do not mix this up with using: small business owners, for example, that is still not specific enough – who calls themselves a small business owner?

And it is equally difficult to attract attention when using the word: ‘entrepreneurs’, which many people do.

What specific area or industry entrepreneur do you want to read your book, blog post or social media post? It might be a music entrepreneur, if so, then name it.

In a way, this works just like calling people by their name, something sales people and particularly cold calling sales people learn early on in their career. Once you know the person’s name, use the name.

…and while we are at it, here another example:

Many ‘gurus’ say people need to ‘engage’ with your content – sounds great but what it means and to make it ‘real’, simply say:

“commenting on your posts” – it’s that simple, and if you don’t mean that, then say what you mean!

And lastly, did you notice I did the same as I started this post?

What exactly do I mean by ‘content’? It will be much easier for people to get ‘engaged’ and by that I now mean, ‘read’ my post, if I’d word it like this:

“What does it take to have your posts seen and commented on in social media?”

Then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about and can decide immediately if this interesting read for your or not!

This principle applies very much to a Book. Once a book is published, the person who wrote it realizes sales are not just happening and wonder why.

The more specific your book title is to an audience who you want to read it, the more likely they will want to read it and therefore buy it.

A naturopath wanted to use the title: Holistic Health for Women, for her book. And many people in the Health Industry use titles like that and then find their book will not attract the attention they had hoped.

This particular naturopath wanted to highlight her expertise in women’s health by using a mindset, food and exercise approach. And after digging a bit deeper, which is always step one of my write & publish a marketing optimized book in 6-weeks or less, and done in a 90min one-on-one session, we discovered she got her best results with women over 40 who start a new career or stage in their life for which they want more or renewed energy to cope.

The final title she chose was: Renewed Energy and Focus for Women over 40 when Life has changed – and that attracted exactly the type of women she wanted to work with.

These are just some examples of how to get attention, meaning have people stop and read and comment on your posts and the same principle applies for your book, as mentioned too.

I share a lot of other scenarios of how to write and optimize a book so people will buy it and want to work with you, in response to reading it, in my group.

Come and join it, the link is below.