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Writing has Changed


Can you relate?

Despite all the changes, new platforms, new technology, new hardware — the marketing fundamentals have not changed BUT all the Book Writing Fundamentals HAVE CHANGED!

No wonder people who want to write a book find it confusing, even fearful, getting started when they don’t know where the path to getting their book written, published and out to the market will lead them…

If you can relate to feeling confused and maybe even feeling some fear deep down that is holding you back from getting started with your book, here is what to do about it:

Firstly, focus on what you want your book to do for you. This is key to raising your excitement about writing.

You see, most people who get my help think they have an idea what they want to write their book about and think the writing is the most important part and then start doubting that they are ‘good’ at writing.

For example, some people say this, once they’ve had a chat with me:

“Thank you for a very informative zoom call, Sigrid de Kaste. Sufficient to say that I did a 180° turn in what and how I thought I would write my first book.
Thank you! I would love to work with you.”


I often have people discus the idea of writing about the person’s experience to help more people avoid the same. As I keep questioning further and further, the layers come off and what emerges is the deep-down desire to write a book that helps her stand out with her work in a niche that is very crowded.

What most people really want the book to do for them is to shine a light on their ability to help people with their method of, for example, business coaching that includes lifestyle and mindset.

Most people do not think about it on their own and, I’m sure you can relate, asking yourself questions mostly gets you the same answers!
You see, this is one part of writing a book that has changed:

You no longer have to write about something in a broad way so a publishing house can niche and edit it down to their expectations and make the money.
It is YOUR choice what to write so the book can act as your strategic ‘Signature Expertise Tool’ and give you credibility in a global market and the expert status that goes with it, when you use the multi million member Amazon publishing platform.

And once people who ask for my help understand my different approach to writing, they say things like this, for example:

“I signed up to do Sigrid’s course as I liked the concept of the book being an integral part of your marketing strategy, and not just another product that I then had to market.”

Secondly, or anther thing that has changed in the world of writing, publishing and promoting your book, is that you ARE the Authority and Expert once you have your book published and people are able to buy it on the Amazon platform from your own publishing account.

It no longer requires the ‘approval’ of a publishing house to say you are ‘worthy’ of writing and publishing a book.

You ARE worth it!

I want you to keep this in mind and repeat it to yourself – now!

You are worth writing & publishing your Signature Expertise Book!

And because it is in your hands to do so, the entire process, from writing to publishing, does no longer take years!

People who get my help, for example, take 12-Weeks to go through all 3 Phases, which are:

1) Writing the book fast, effective and smooth from start-to-finish without compromising on quality of content,

2) Professionally Formatting & Publishing your Book, both in Print & Kindle, in one ‘sweep’

3) And setting up a Book Launch & Marketing Strategy, ready to use the book as your Feature Marketing & Promotion Instrument!


For you that means, the Book Writing Fundamentals that HAVE CHANGED, are handing full control over to you, all you need now is to know how to go about it.

…and if that is something you’d like my help with, simply Click Here & BOOK a meeting for a chat.

If you do that right now, and we can both see my program is a great fit for your book idea, you’ll be able to hold your book in your hands in just a few weeks from now.

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