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Writing a successful Book requires collaboration

Writing a Successful Book requires Collaboration

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Writing a Successful Book requires Collaboration – here is what I mean by that!

It’s a journey built on the right support, collaboration and marketing expertise, just like the growth of any successful business.

It took me 8 months struggling along to write my first book and I spent thousands of dollars on support that I thought would help me, only to throw away the lot and start over again!

For many that can be a disappointing experience with the outcome of never finishing their book!

For me, it was a journey of exciting discovery that most ‘help’ to write a book is limited to help with just ONE part of the journey to finally hold your book in your hands and be able to successfully use it to achieve the outcome I have in mind.

Here is what I mean by that…

Most book coaches and book mentors support your writing journey, making sure you stay on track and motivating you to keep going, when you don’t.

Next, heaps of time is spent on editing and finding a publishing option where quite often the publisher might suggest a different book title, taking a lot of time finding fancy formatting for the pages of your book and creating a book cover that may or may not resonate with you. (Rarely considering that the ‘book look’ is NOT for you but the reader to be attracted by!)

Like loads of people, you might get lost in all of this and leave the decisions to others, to people who do NOT know your business or your intent, what you intend to achieve with your book.

For me, excitement on this path awakened and I found my calling, when I discovered how every step of the book writing journey is related to marketing and yet, almost all people I’ve ever come across with a book, left the marketing to last.

No wonder they were not able to achieve the success they had hoped for!

So, I made sure I recorded every step of the way I took to write and publish my first book, polishing the process with my second book and offering my book writing framework with my third book.

It is now a framework that helps you write a book that becomes a megaphone to amplify your voice and your message, reaching people in places you never thought possible.

You see, from planning to publishing, every phase of crafting a successful book that is to share your vision, your knowledge, and your expertise to elevate your authority and leadership, requires the power of marketing, and that’s what we work on together.

It’s a ‘done with you’ program that covers every step to take your book from idea to impact on a global scale.

Imagine…you become Internationally Recognized for your Expertise!

Writing your Book with my help, is the NEXT LEVEL of becoming the influential authority you are meant to be.

If that’s what you want and you’re ready to get started, send me an email from Here, (or use social media per links below) and I’ll provide you with a link to book a 30-minute meeting.

During this session, we’ll explore how your book idea aligns with your vision and discuss what it would be like to work together. This is your opportunity to start a collaborative journey to bring your book to life!

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