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Writing a Book is about Business


Is this you?​
You’ve enjoyed many experiences in your life so far and you enjoy taking your valuable learnings into the work you do while you keep experiencing and learning more yourself. ​

It is a joy for you to ‘help’ your clients and when you ‘open up’ and share your own experiences, one experience seems to lead to another, and you feel it’s all coming to you to be shared with others.​

The thought of writing a book has tapped you on the shoulder and it makes your heart beat faster when you think about putting it all into a book.​

You’d really like to bring your life experiences together for others to learn from and you find it ‘puzzling’ when you read my posts about writing a book, that say:​

➡  ‘Start with an outcome in mind’​

➡  You think to yourself: ‘I want to help people! ​

➡  That’s the outcome I want to achieve! ​

➡  This is NOT about business, it’s about ‘helping people’!​

WRONG…and here is why:​

When you write a book and publish it, you’re putting it into the public domain. ​

People are able to see it BUT they can only read all of it when they BUY it and that is a business transaction.​

People pay you money to get your book and read what you are sharing.​

You are helping people for re-imbursement via asking for a price for your book.​


That is why people who get my help start their book writing journey with a clear outcome THEY want to achieve, in mind.​

For example, if you are the person I’m describing here, the one who’s experiencing life and you’ve learned to master difficult and traumatizing situations and you want to write about how to overcome such bad things, things that leave behind trauma and you know how to dissolve or overcome trauma, then you have several options for an outcome that you can achieve with your book, and here are two:​

Outcome 1 ​

– You might like to write your book to help others and the outcome for you is going to be book sales.​

You’ll write and publish your book and while your book is written as a ‘guide’ to help others overcome difficulties and even trauma, YOUR outcome is the money from book sales.​

This writing approach focuses on you, your experiences and how you overcame them.​

In my experience, this outcome is going to be time consuming for you. You will have to be actively promoting your book and be alert to every opportunity to highlight your book, so people get to know about it and buy it.​

Your financial return will be slow and low…unless you are somebody who’s already famous. ​

One way to speed up book sales might be for you to get media exposure and offer yourself as speaker on your topic with your book for sale to the audience. ​

You will need a clear marketing strategy and marketing plan to achieve book sales and this is exactly why people who work with me, start with mapping out their marketing BEFORE they start writing.​

Outcome 2

– If you’d like to write your book to help others because you’ve experienced difficulties or trauma and have found a way to overcome it, a better outcome for you to achieve with your book for you, is to use your book as your Expertise tool, and here is what I mean by that:​

In my experience it is mostly people who work in the health & wellbeing areas, like trauma recovery, hypnotherapy, massage and energy healing etc, who say they want to write their book to ‘help others’.​

If this is you, you’ve got an excellent opportunity to choose as your outcome to get more clients more easily because of your book.​

The outcome you’d specifically want your book to achieve for you would be to share your expertise in your most natural and authentic way so every reader of your book and the way in which you promote your book, easily and naturally brings you more clients more easily.​

The outcome of getting more clients more easily means your book topic, your book title and your book chapter content focus ON THE READER. ​
(…while in outcome 1 you are focusing on YOU.)​

There are many more specific outcomes you can achieve with your book, outcomes that give YOU a return, and each one would be specific to you and your situation and exactly for that reason, people who get my help, start with me in a 1:1 session to uncover exactly and specifically the outcome that’s right for your situation.​

I ask you, as my client, loads of questions about yourself, your passion, your business and your current clients and these questions will get you to discover a much deeper level about yourself and your book idea!​

So, having a specific outcome in mind for your book, and yes, there may be more than one outcome you’re thinking of right now, we’ll pull out the most important one together, and in doing so, you will also immediately identify exactly the type of people who would want to read your book.​

And when you know who you are ‘targeting’, meaning who the people are that most want to read your book, you also know what book title would attract them.​

The book title gives you a clear path to write your chapter headings and then it’s fast and easy to ‘fill’ your chapters.​

There’s NO getting stuck! ​

You know exactly what goes into each chapter and what not.​

And another advantage of starting with an outcome in mind which allows for identifying who you want to attract to your book, is knowing where you will find this person and where you can tell them about your book.​

This is where I work with clients, after the initial 1:1 session, now in a small group, (no more than 5) on your marketing strategy and plan, including your book launch strategy.​

As a client you’ll benefit from my personal book writing, publishing and marketing experience, which I started around 2010, and which has helped me create my 12-Week program around positioning your expertise in a way it achieve the outcome you have in mind.​

My first book got me $25,000 worth of contracts in the first week of publishing in the way I had positioned myself with that book as expert in staff hiring and building loyal teams.​

Each one of my own 3 books was written with a specific outcome in mind, which I achieved, and have built into my now proven book writing framework.​

So, if you’d like to write a book to help people from your experience and the way you’ve overcome your own traumatic situations and challenges, and you’d like to get my help, you would be a coach or consultant with a proven expertise, already getting great results with your clients.​

In other words, you’re already ‘helping’ people with your expertise, gained from your own experience, or from studies, either works.​

This can be in the area of health & wellness as well as coaching money mindset, business or leadership or any service based niche.​

Just PM me below, if you’re interested in getting one of the upcoming 5 spots in my 12-Week program and we will have a brief chat to see if it’s a good fit on both sides.​

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