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Write a Book to Increase your Coaching Business

Write a Book and Grow your Coaching Business

If you want to write a book that helps you increase clients for your coaching business, it’s more important than ever to be CLEAR, SPECIFIC and DIRECT in writing your book with EXACTLY that in mind, to get more clients and grow your coaching business, and PLAN to have that happen!

Lots of people still come to me for help marketing their book AFTER they’ve written and published it because now, they don’t know what to do to promote the book!

They’ve tried attracting people and sales of their book by writing posts in social media, with pictures of their book and a buying link, asking people to ‘buy’ it, with no success.

They’ve been invited to and spoken at events, podcasts and been interviewed but no one reached out afterwards to want to work with the author.

They don’t understand why that is and the one thing they want now is ‘great marketing’ to get their book to readers and readers to reach out to become clients!

If that is you, you’ve started writing but not yet finished, please STOP!

You cannot market a book to attract clients when you did NOT FIRST plan to market it to attract clients.


Everyone of my clients starts with deep dive un-layering what exactly they want to achieve by having a book and what it is they want their book to do for them.

For example, if you want to grow your coaching business and attract more clients more easily with your book, we need to take a close look at what your coaching business is supposed to look like in the future.

We’ll plan how exactly your book will help you grow your coaching business and deep dive into who the clients are, that you have now.

When you know who those clients are, you will know what more of those clients will want to know from you, in your book.

Only then can you start writing!

…and while you write chapter by chapter of your book, with my help, you’ll already map out exactly how you’re going to market your book to the people you want to attract as clients and grow your coaching business.


People who follow my process finish their book within, or even before, the 12-Weeks they are in my program.


My approach to writing your book is very different than what most book coaches teach and, to be clear, it is also not only the writing you will be doing, it is also the publishing and you’ll have a marketing and promotion plan ready because you’ll start with a plan.


You see, without a clear context and a plan, any posts that you’ll write after your book is published, and any events you attend or podcasts you speak at, you’ll always just talk about ‘your book’ and not what your book can do for the reader and any book sales you might make will not get you more clients rushing to reach out to you to want to work with you.

To have that happen you need to write it into the book as you write it and plan for it to happen, as you map out your marketing, before you publish your book.


You see, when you’re feeling clear and in alignment with what you want to achieve by having your book, you can write each chapter with that in mind and the outcome you want to achieve will tell you exactly what your book title needs to be to achieve that outcome.

All of this needs to happen well before you start writing so you can share about your book in the right way once it’s published.


I hope that helps, and if you’re interested in the details of my program, just PM me and I’ll make the time to assess how your book idea will best work for you.

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