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Why your book Title matters more than your Book

Why your Book Title matters more than your Book

Why does your Book title matter more than your Book…?

Did I just say that?

…ok, that’s a bit cheeky to say it like that but there’s a very serious side to it, and here is why:

We do judge a book by its cover, and it is the book title on the cover that matters, the cover colours, graphics, pictures are nowhere near as impactful as the book title.


Because your words matter and I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before…your words matter!

Let me give you an example I recently came across, and so you know, I’ve changed the actual title so as not to embarrass the person who wrote their book with this title.

The book was titled:

Tree Tops – a Path to Lasting Change

Often the suggestion to a ‘curiosity’ creating title is given to the author with the reasoning that curiosity gets people to want to know more or want to know what is meant by the curious title.

This is plainly WRONG and here is why:

Take a moment and tell me, be honest, what picture formed in your mind when you read the words ‘tree tops’?

I saw exactly that, tree tops, green leafy tree tops, and that led me immediately to think the book might be about planting more trees, perhaps a book about trees and their function to clean our air.

Another thought I had was, tree tops sway in the breeze, perhaps the book has something to do with learning to be calm, the colour green is a calming colour, I believe.

BUT what if not everyone thinks of green, leafy tree tops because they are in the depths of winter and trees around them show the bare branches? Black branched tree tops against a fading light sky?

Words create images in the reader’s mind and what those images are, is unique to each persons’ past experience and even unique to cultures and countries, unless it is the name of an object but as I just shared, even the image of a tree top can be different for different people.

And the subtitle of above mentioned book said: From Stressed to Hope, so, yes, the book could be about learning to become calm.

What I still could not connect was how the image on the cover, yes, tree tops, BUT imaged into the tree tops was a bath tub, how was that connected to the words of the title?

You see, the author had a very good, sensible explanation for all that, for the tree tops, the bath tub and how that’s related to a path of achieving lasting change and how it helps to get people from being/feeling stressed to gaining new hope…only they NEVER spelt it out clearly!

Tree Tops is simply the name of the author’s method of helping people leave behind stress and really, as I asked more questions, not just stress but specifically stress that makes the person feel hopeless, that there is nothing left to live for.

So, you get the ‘picture’ of how that book title and the cover image might be curious but not necessarily create a curiosity to want to read the book in the way the author hoped for.

Here is what needs to happen instead:

If you want to transform lives, make a bigger Impact with your Message and Inspire Positive change it is best to be CLEAR with your Book title, what your Book, your Message is about!

Do not let the reader ‘guess’ because in the fast-paced times we live in, people spend less than 3 sec reading anything that swishes through their social media feed.

If the words people read are not directly connected to something they are looking for, they are ‘out of here’!

Post text, book cover, book title, headline left behind to read the next thing in line!

I’m here to guide people who want to write a book to make an impact through a process of writing and publishing a MARKETING OPTIMIZED book and do so with ease and confidence in the shortest time possible.

My first book took 8 months writing it without help and I changed the title three times because I got very different feedback for each title I had chosen and not the feedback I was looking for!


So, in the end, I even paid a huge sum of money to a ghost writer to add more content, hoping that would help, only to throw away the lot and start all over again!


It’s not the content that the reader reads first, it is the book title and words matter, as explained before, the reader needs to feel ‘spoken’ to.


After all the trials and tests that first book got me $25,000 worth of consulting contracts in its first week of finally publishing it with exactly the title the people I intended to read it were looking for.


In fact, a lot of the people who contracted me at the time, did not read beyond the book title because the title spoke to them and having written a book on the topic was proof enough of my expertise.


This early experience and digging deeper into the SECRET of choosing the right book title with my second book helped me develop my unique book writing method and is the foundation of the framework I offer today.


The secret is simply this: in business everything starts with marketing!


People who get my help to write their book start with digging deep into what outcome they want to achieve with their book because the outcome, what you want your book to do for you, determines WHO you need to write your book for and when you know WHO, you’ll know WHAT topic and book title these people are looking for –


Simple, right?

…and yet, almost no one I see knows about this!


So, your Book title matters more than your Book – and if you have a message to share and want to make an impact, globally, for more people to know about it, send me message and we’ll see if your book idea is a good fit to get my help to write and publish a marketing optimized book.


And so you’re clear, marketing optimized means your book virtually markets itself!

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