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Why write your Book with the ‘right’​ Why?

Why write your Book with the ‘right’​ Why?

There’s a misunderstanding about ‘WHY’


You’ll have people tell you that your ‘WHY’ is the most important part about being in business.


That your ‘WHY’ is the most important part about doing what you’re doing.


That your ‘WHY’ is the most important part about ‘helping’ people with your coaching.


…and I’m here to tell you, that type of ‘WHY’ is not the why you need to write your book …and here is why:



It’s been a ‘buzzy’ term in recent years that the secret to success is simply “finding your why.”


The principle is rooted in a legitimate consideration: humans tend to be compelled by their reasons for doing something and need that deep, inner motivation.



In a personal development or business sense, this “why” stands for a sense of purpose.


Simon Sinek’s viral TED talk on the principle gets to the heart of self-discovery and equates a sense of “why” with one’s personal fulfillment, clarity, and life meaning.


That type of ‘WHY’ will not help you write a successful book because it is about YOUR why and not about why people should read your book.


A book written with that type of ‘WHY’ will not help you position your expertise to be more widely recognized and therefore it will not attract more clients to your coaching more easily.



The why you need to answer to write a successful book is:


Why do you want to write a book and what do you want your book to do for you?


In all my work with coaches and savvy business owners who want to write a book, way back since 2014, I would say that there have been about five, maybe seven, times that the idea that the coach brought into the room as to why they wanted to write a book, was a great ‘WHY’.


Coaches usually come with a passionate idea that they’re going to be able to help people and want to share their mission, but that isn’t going to make their book a ‘success’ or give them a measurable return.


It just rarely is, and so with firmly keeping an eye on a return, my driver is always to say this:


“Let’ talk about your book idea for a moment in the way your ‘why’ returns you a measurable outcome.


I love your idea and I think you’re going to change the world, and a book is going to help you do that.


My framework can help you get your message out of your head on to the page, and together we can create a marketing strategy that will help you share what you have to share, but let me be really clear about this…


WHY you want to write leads to success when you write your ‘why’ with an outcome in mind!”


The people who ‘get’ this in our one-on-one conversation say things like this:



“Thank you so much Sigrid de Kaste for your time and dedication. I now have much more clarity on the book type to pursue that’s aligned with my business goal, as well as the right questions to ask to direct both the writing and marketing process simultaneously!”


…and when people see the power in writing a book that’s to achieve a powerful outcome, this is an example of what they say when they start working with me:

“I had thought about writing a book to help me promote my new business and I had looked at a few of the different courses available online. I signed up to do Sigrid’s program as I liked the concept of the book being an integral part of your marketing strategy, and not just another product that I then had to market.”



Do you have writing a Book on your Mind?


Did we have a chat yet to see how your Idea would fit into a Book?


…and then you had to go and think about it and did not get started last year?


The exciting News are that there are BRAND NEW ways you can write you Book with me NOW


…AND at super special investment levels!

So, if writing a book has been on your mind and you’re thinking you want your book to make an impact, getting my help will show you how YOU can make an impact with your book.

The first session, 1:1 with me, we’ll dig deep into why you want to write your book, how that fits into what you’re doing in your business right now and what impact specifically you’ll want to make with your book.

Over the following 12-Weeks, we’ll work together bi-weekly in a small group (no more than 5 people) and you’ll continue to have my full attention, guiding you through the steps of writing your book, chapter by chapter, simple and easy.

And unlike loads of people who focus on getting a publisher, taking months to get replies to their publishing application, and with that waste precious time to get the book to readers,

…in my program I’ll show you step-by-step how to publish your book on Amazon (the multi-million member and global buyer platform), in both versions, Print and Kindle.

This is a simple, straight forward process aided by online, professional formatting tools directly offered by Amazon and I’ll show you how to use these tools.

Your book launch strategy will be ready to activate and built on achieving exactly the outcome you wish to achieve with your book.

For example, you would have created anticipation from the start of working with me to gain maximum excitement on launch day. Or you may have interviews and media statements at hand if your outcome is to stand out as the expert and get paid speaking engagements. We design your launch strategy with the impact you want to achieve in mind.

If this resonates with you and you are thinking about writing a book and would like my help, simply Contact me.

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