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Who should Write a Book and Why

Who should Write a Book and Why?

Have you been considering writing a book, but you’re not sure if it’s worth your time and effort?

Well, let’s explore how writing a book can be one of the best things you can do for your business and your personal brand and why it is time right now to write.

Firstly, who should write a book?

The answer is simple – in business who has a message to share and wants to establish themselves as an authority in their industry, specially to be known further and wider than you already are, should consider writing a book.


For example, let’s say you’re a business or leadership coach who has been in the industry for a few years and has gained a lot of experience and knowledge and has seen loads of new people entering this area of coaching.

By writing a book, you can share your unique approach to coaching and show what makes you different and why your method works.

Your expertise can shine on the pages of a book in more detail than on any other medium.

No matter how many videos you do, unlike spelling out your point of difference on the page of a book, page after page, it is unlikely people will watch video after video and do so, over and over.

Sure, video is a very important and powerful marketing tool, but it is your book that’s an actual business asset for you.

People will keep your book, recommend your book and even lend it out for more people to get to know you and your coaching methods.

Most of all, though, the book can really define who you are and what does make you different in the world of coaching.



Another example would be a coach or consultant who works with clients one-on-one and covers a huge range of areas.

I have life coaches tell me they work with clients on confidence, money and mindset and business areas .

Many of these life coaches find it difficult to attract clients and one reason is, clients do not feel ‘spoken to’ in the coaches social media and marketing material.

No wonder, when the coach talks about a different area of coaching every time he/she posts or promotes something!

This way of being visible, with a different topic on every post, can also not lead to being recognized as an expert or authority on a topic when you’re promoting more than one area of how you help clients.

By writing a book, you can reach a wider but highly targeted audience and establish yourself as that expert that you are. Your book can serve as a valuable resource for potential clients and help establish trust and credibility.

If you are now saying: But Sigrid, I AM good at more than one thing and I help clients with more than one thing?!

I acknowledge that and that’s exactly why people who work with me start their writing journey with careful planning around all of their areas of expertise.

We take a close look at every aspect of your existing business and the successful outcomes your clients are achieving.

To stand out, create a dynamic personal brand that will touch and inspire others, you have to stand for something!

…not everything, ONE thing, stand for one thing!


Writing a book shows that you have taken the time to dive deep into your topic and so you provide a comprehensive look at your expertise.

Inside of your book you can reveal more and share what makes you special and why you use a variety of ways to support clients.

… but the targeted attraction a book can create for you, starts on the outside, with your book title and cover so you can easily distinguish yourself and your work from the many other coaches your clients might be looking at and don’t understand what the differences are.

Plus, having a book to your name can open up a lot of new doors for you, other than directly attracting clients and instead being invited to speak at events, participate in interviews or be featured in media outlets, all of which can help expand your reach and build your personal brand.


So, if you have a message to share and want to establish yourself as the authority in your area of expertise, writing a book is a great way to do so.

And the time is now, the time is always NOW because you know, I’m sure, from working with clients, only when they take the action to get help, they can heal their business or life…

…and in the same way, when you write your book now, will you be able to stand out, share your message and make your impact, further and wider as the leader you are.

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