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When is the best time to engage with a Book Coach

When is the Best or Right time to engage with a Book Coach?

A question I got this week:

“When is the best or right time to engage with a book coach?”

I know why people might be asking that, because if they know the statistics, they know that 80% of people who start writing a book without any help get stuck and 75% of those never finish that book.

But when I dig deeper, it is not about when to engage help, but what sort of help is needed to write that book.

You see, the writing part itself is usually ‘easy’ for people, what is not so easy is staying motivated, and as many writing courses and ‘gurus’ teach you, staying on track requires to write a little bit every day…

In my experience, this is NOT so!

You can write a little bit every day and write and write and no wonder you’ll lose motivation and give up when there’s NO CLEAR end in mind!
Your book becomes the proverbial ‘how long is a piece of string’ question as to when you’ve written ‘enough’.

And that is exactly why my book writing strategy and framework starts you with focus on the OUTCOME you wish to achieve.

The outcome helps you firstly, to know exactly how, where and to whom you need to market your book to…

…and secondly it helps you to write your book exactly to the topic that you chose to write about, nothing more, nothing less and this then cuts down the time it’ll take you to write and finish your book.

That’s why I developed my strategic book writing framework, custom-built for busy, successful people in business so running your business and writing your book isn’t a problem.

With my help, you’ll complete all three phases: the writing, the publishing, and the marketing.

Smooth, Fast & Effective

Is that something you want help with, a start-to-finish proven framework to write your book, publish it and have it integrated into your brand & business?

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