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Want to make sure your Book Sells

Want to make sure your Book Sells?

Want to make sure your Book sells?

One of the biggest frustrations people who write a book experience is the lack of Book ‘sales’ once they’ve finished writing and publishing and here is why…

‘The writing is the easy part, now I need sales’, is a sentence I hear way too often and when those words were typed into a direct message to me in social media, for the umpteenth time yesterday, I thought I’ll share with you… the person who has NOT YET written and published their book… to prevent YOU sending me those words when your book ‘does not sell’!

You see, it is true, really, the writing of your book itself is easy.

You are ‘merely’ describing something that you know about. This might be your knowledge of something, it might be your particular expertise methodology of helping people or it might be why your approach does make a difference for your clients.

That’s something you do every day and so writing about it is easy and you see the ‘writing’ as the part that ‘counts’.

So why then, is it so darn difficult to ‘sell’ your book?

Let me use this analogy:

If you jump into a Taxi or Uber and say to the driver: “drive, please” and the driver asks you, “where to?”, to which you reply: “just drive, it’s the driving that counts”…you’ll get to wherever the driver takes you.

That might simply be doing a big circle and you’ll end up back where he/she picked you up!

That’s exactly what happens to people who focus ONLY on the writing with NO plan as to where they want to end up.

You simply can’t expect book sales if you do not plan for them!

And book sales alone do NOT make for good ROI.

So, what to do, you ask?

Let me explain it this way: the book writing framework that I offer, for example, starts with planning the outcome you want to achieve.

People who get my help plan exactly what they want to achieve by having a book and what they see a book can do for them.

We need to know what the book can do for you because that tells us what topic you need to write your book on and the topic to write on tells you WHO you need to write the book for.

With that knowledge clearly in mind, we can check where and how to reach those people and plan the marketing required to do so and whether they need to be alerted in a way they want to buy the book (book sales) or alerted in a way they want to know more about you and want to work with you (not necessarily book sales!).

All that BEFORE you write one single word!

(So, if you want to hold your book in your hands this year and have already started writing STOP!…if you don’t know and have not done what I’m describing here!)


Here is what working with me would look like, for example, if you are a coach.

Firstly, does it matter what type of coach you are?

What does matter is that you are clear what type of coach you are and instead of ‘bundling’ together several areas of coaching, for example, life coaching with career coaching, business coaching & lifestyle coaching, etc.

Each of those are separate areas to coach someone in so keep it specific.

However, if you do offer, let’s say, business and life coaching because you have a framework that helps people arrange their life in a way, they are better equipped to start a business or run their existing business more effectively because you teach what changes are necessary in their life to do so, then we’d take a close look at your specific point of difference doing so and plan your book around that one thing. (…instead of two types of ‘coaching’)

What I’ve just described above applies to any type of twofold areas of coaching, by the way.

Whatever type of coach you are, the key is to clearly focus on what you want to achieve with your book and if that is book sales as the main outcome, that’s what we’d then work on.

Then, in order to write a book that you’d like to sell hundreds and thousands of copies of, (that’s what you’d be looking for to achieve with the outcome ‘book sales’) we’d closely examine what you already have in place in way of followers and marketing and what you’d need to add to create awareness of your book to be seen by such large number of potential buyers of you book.

You are essentially creating a ‘product sales’ business, with this outcome to be achieved, can you see that?


What I prefer to focus people on, who come and get my help writing their book, is the concept of the book being an integral part of your marketing strategy, and not just another product that you then have to market.


And the way we do that is by simply focusing on your ‘signature expertise’ or you signature methodology. That part of you or your business that only YOU offer!

Your book then becomes your main ‘marketing tool’ and is, by how we design it, sharing your expertise and authority position and gains you wider recognition while at the same time gets you more clients more easily.

The difference between achieving this outcome, positioning, recognition and clients, as compared to book sales, the difference is in that you’re NOT needing to sell your book as a ‘product’, but sales happen as part of you creating an air of awareness of your expertise with your book.

For example, you would not post or say: “I’ve just published my book, here is my book, buy my book”, or similar.

Instead, you’d be sharing specific information that’s in your book and refer to what chapter or page that’s on or you might gift your book to people you’d like to gain as clients, in a very personalised way.

In other words, you’d be creating awareness and with that ‘selling’ your book in a non-salesy way rather than openly ‘selling’ your book!


I hope that helps so I don’t get your message of: ‘writing was easy, now I need sales help’, in my inbox.

I’d rather have you come and get my help BEFORE you start writing and work with me the complete writing and publishing path, where the marketing, with my framework, is an integral part of!

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