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Top 3 Reasons to Write

Top 3 Reasons to Write your Book NOW

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Top 3 Reasons

‘Top 3 Reasons to Write a Book’… and what People in Business are missing out on by NOT writing one NOW and integrating it as your Strategic Authority Boosting Marketing Tool.

What are you missing out on by NOT writing your book NOW?

Video Transcript:

Do you see writing a book as a nice to have or as a need to have?

Hi, I’m Sigrid de Kaste, owner of Stickybeak Marketing and I want to share in this report my findings from the times of having written three books myself for three different businesses of mine and having worked with clients since about 2014 writing and publishing a book with a ready marketing plan attached.

So, what I want to share with you is some very interesting findings particularly something that I’ve discovered in surveys I have done recently, some of them late last year.

So let me just share with you some visuals on that right here.

When asking people in business who want to write a book, what stage are they are at, the largest number that has come back has said that they have an idea, loads of people in business have an idea, but they haven’t started writing.

So then when we have a look at what is it that they need to write their book right now.

Now, while 37.5% of people say look, it’s the time to write, I just don’t have time to write.

When we dig a little bit deeper and when we have a look at that second highest number here of respondents, 31.3% are saying it is something I need, something but I really am not sure what will give me that feeling that my book is going to be a success.

So, they’re waiting for something to come along and give them a feeling that yes, I can write my book. I’m going to start writing my book, because now I know it is going to be a success which is a little bit, you know, very difficult to actually measure.

So let’s have a look how that comes about.

Why would people think, you know, I need something I just don’t know what I need.

Something that’s going to give me the feeling that my book will be a success, before I get started.

When we have a look now at the main reason people give for wanting to write a book and this is a question that I have in my questionnaire when people would like to have a one on one session with me to discover and dig deeper into their book idea and whether that’s going to work for them or not.

I ask them what is your main reason that you want to write a book and these are four points here they list.

These points come back over and over and over in variations of sentences.

People want to promote their message and help people that’s why they want to write a book they want to share their story and their journey.
That’s why they want to write a book they want to share knowledge and help people or share to share knowledge.

Now those are fantastic reasons to want to write a book however, this makes it really difficult to know how you’re going to get started writing your book. You’ll see it’s all about when you think about writing about your own story and all the knowledge and experience you have this focus on you becomes difficult to know.

Where am I going to stop you I started birth my story do I started high school read my story.

Do I start at the time I started my business my story. So that then makes it really difficult for the person to think yeah, where am I going to start?

It is a little bit clouded for me. And also, not only to start but also when we’re going to finish you know what exactly am I going to write about?

But here’s the key.

You know, there really are three, three top reasons for you to write a book, being in business and your top three reasons are to build or boost your brand and that is you as the person that was what you want to talk to highlight for you.

That is the reason number one.

Reason number two is that you can really gain a much wider recognition of who you are, what you do, what your businesses and what you stand for that goes hand in hand with building your brand of course.

So, gaining that much wider recognition would be a reason and the third one would be of course to grow your business, to increase your income to gain more clients particularly more easily because in the book you can really write exactly about that your story and share your knowledge in a way however, that it fits into your business as to why you are in your business.

What it is that you’re helping people with and in what specific way what makes us so different.

What is the approach that you have that makes it so special for people to want to come to you that is about writing with your own knowledge, expertise and your journey and mind helping people to gain that understanding of who you are in a book where you have the space and the positioning of authority.

Writing a book to this day still gives you that instant authority status because books are written by experts. People who know their subject matter know their topic.

So, what I want to share with you here from the report that I have from the survey’s that we have done, the confusion for loads of people in business wanting to write a book is that they see it more as a nice to have, in fact, you are in business. It is a need to have.

You can really build your business with your book and the way to do that is to start off instead of thinking that you want to help people share your knowledge.

Think of your book this way and ask yourself this question before you start writing.

Put all confusion aside and ask yourself this question:

“What do you want your book to do for you?”

And if just for now, those three reasons, one of those pops up really strongly for you.

You want your book to help you build or boost your brand and then that is a very specific way that you would write your book.

If you want your book to help you gain wider recognition. That is really easily done by publishing your book on the multi-million member platform, Amazon publishing platform that allows you to put your book out there to all of their members, it’s going to be accessible globally.

So, you can be recognised on a global scale for who you are and what to do.

And number three, if you want to build your business, increase your income gain more clients.

For example, when I wrote my very first book in the first week of publishing it, I gained $25,000 worth of consulting contracts.

With that book, I immediately was able to get my foot in the door to consulting on the subject, on the topic, that I was writing about.

So, you can very specifically use your book for the purpose of what you want to achieve.

What you want the book to do for you.

Of course, there are many different ways of helping you build your business with different marketing tools and platforms and ways of doing it.
But the book, to this day, is the top way for you to stand out, describe who you are and what you do.

And start with that question to yourself what you want that book to do for you.

I hope this information helps and if you would like to have a one on one conversation with me, I put the link to my booking calendar below this video for you.

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