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Target Client

How well do You know Your Target Client?

It can be difficult to know what your target client is attracted to and what message they don’t see as important and ignore. To create the message that your target client will respond to, you need to establish clearly who your target client is and work to understand what appeals to them. You may have several types of target clients, do not bundle them in one! Work on a different message for each target client

Let me explain what I mean by several target clients

When I owned my Office Supplies Business, I supplied to every business who used pens, whiteboards, paper etc. Unlike other Office Supplies Businesses, when creating my marketing material, I took a close look at who we supplied what to and for what reason. This is called ‘segmenting’ the market and defining specific target clients

It turned out I had these 4 Target Client segments:

  1. Businesses who wanted to buy items in bulk and save
  2. Businesses who wanted fast, same day delivery
  3. Businesses who wanted specialized drawing equipment not easily available elsewhere
  4. Businesses who wanted to deal with a local shop they could visit in person

By that list you already get an idea of what message each of them would be attracted to

Marketers look at 5 areas to segment by:

  1. Demographics
  2. Psychographics
  3. Geographic
  4. Benefits sought
  5. Usage

…and you can to!

Simply take a close look at your current clients or customers and find out what is most important to them and why they come to you for that

It is a good idea to actually ask, or survey, your prospects and customers . If you decide to as random groups of people for their opinion, you will not be able to create an effective marketing message for your target client

If you are only just starting out in business, decide who you want as your ideal target client, then find some of them and directly ask them