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Sales Campaigns

6 Keys to make your Sales Campaign a Success

Do you find not all of your sales campaigns are successful?

Work with these 6 points and turn your success around

  1. Know Your Customer Inside Out

Do your research…know exactly WHO your customer is…you can find answers to these questions easily:

  • Who the customers is
  • Who he/she targets
  • Who the staff is
  • What they do
  • How your offer will benefit them

Remember, all this information is usually available online and you can easily put together your customer’s profile

2. Focus on the Opportunity you have to Offer

When meeting with the potential customer make sure you start with questions…questions are the answer and will reveal if your offer is going to be what they need and how to best present it

Be sure you listen with open ears…meaning you hear what they say NOT what you want to hear

3. Research Your Competitors

It is a good idea to also research your competition so you know what they are offering and how you differ. It will be essential for you to focus on what you have and how that will benefit your potential customer

Avoid talking about your competitors BUT be aware of what they have in case questions come up so you can easily answer them, making sure you stay positive and constructive about your competitors

4. Have Payment Options in Place

Be aware of what your potential customer might be able to afford…consider the economy and prepare a payment plan so you are prepared to offer smaller chunks making it easy to say yes for your potential customer

5. Show You Care

Prepare all angles you have to offer and focus on being of help to your potential customer. There may be cash flow issues…staff matters to overcome or a whole range of other challenges. So be prepared and be helpful. Show empathy and care and your potential customer is much more likely to come on board

6. Find out What the Decision Making Process is

Every business has a different process to make the buying decision. It might require several people to give their approval, it might be the spouse who has to be there

See if you can find out beforehand and have all involved at the meeting or find out early in the meeting so you can adjust your sales process accordingly


Always comes down to: prepare before you meet, show care and concern and have your options ready….and your sales will come in!






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