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Why your Reason to Write your Book makes it a Success…or NOT

The ‘Reason’ you write your Book makes it a Success…or Not… and here is why:

For some people in business getting started and simply writing their book seems easy, in fact, a lot of them ‘enjoy’ the writing process and see it as spending ‘creative’ time.

And sure, that’s one way of looking at writing a book but when that person completes the phases of writing and publishing and it’s time to promote and market their book, disappointment sets in when the anticipated great ‘rush’ of sales and even the many interviews and other PR activities DON’T return the hoped for, quietly expected, sales and clients.

I see loads of coaches and consultants at this ‘late’ stage in their book writing journey and the critical, missing piece that these people did NOT know about before they started writing is what’s created this outcome for them.

The critical, missing piece, in every single case, is that the coach or consultant did NOT have a clear idea what ‘success’ with their book meant to them or that ‘success’ was a vague idea of ‘helping more people’.

Here is one way, in which people who’ve come to me for help, express the reason they want to write a book and what success would look like for them:

“I want to further promote my message and success for me is when people read my book and fix themselves and want to tell me about how it helped them”

If this is something like your reason for writing a book and how you would measure your success, the first thing I’d ask you is this:

Who are these ‘people’ you want to read your book and why would they want to read your book?

You need to be crystal clear who you are writing your book for because knowing who those people are will tell you if they WANT to know about your book topic.


For example, when I wrote my first book to ‘help more people’, I knew exactly that those ‘people’ were small business owners with 5-8 staff who they found difficult to manage and work with.

Next, for me achieving ‘success’ with my first book, meant to be contracted by these small business owners to help them find, keep and manage their staff.

You see, I had a measurable reason and the success, getting contracted, was a much higher return on my investment into writing my book than book sales.

The math is easy, one book might sell for $20-30 while one contract was worth $5,000!

So, if you’re like the person who wanted to ‘promote her message further’, with my help, you’d re-assess if you really want people to read your book and help themselves or if you’d rather have them come to you for help.

The difference for you will be your return on your time and investment in your book writing and it will tell us exactly HOW you’re going to have to market your book to ‘promote your message further’.

I hope this helps, and if you’d like my help, I do have a few one on one 35 minute spots to have a chat online.

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