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More Clients, Shorter Sales Calls


MORE CLIENTS, SHORTER SALES CALLS…Can writing a Book help you get that?

Every time I dispel the Myths’ around writing a Book people discover that writing your Book can help you get more leads, more clients, more attention, boost your brand, have shorter sales calls.

In fact, having a book that you wrote with a result in mind, any result you wish for, can achieve that result for you!

People who attend my online workshops shift their ‘traditional’ view of writing their Book and discover a NEW way how to write and what they need to write about to get the result they want from their book, for example, the result to gain more clients and have shorter sales calls.

That’s just one result, or outcome, people who get my help experience when they write to my framework.

For example, I start taking you deep and deeper into the ‘WHY’ you want to write your book.

I help you discover and re-discover what your signature expertise is and who specifically you’ll need to write your book for.

You’ll easily see what content needs to go into your book , into each chapter, and what not.

That part alone cuts down on time loads of coaches spend on their own trying to work this out!

And it’s no secret where to start!

Every one of my Online Workshops dispels another myth and takes you through some work, the same work you do when get my help to write your book.

When you suddenly see beyond the myth you believed about writing your book, there is a shift!

This simple shift in thinking and understanding how to write your book allows you to write a LOT faster and you’ll discover you’ll need a lot less time to write and publish your Book.

This shift in thinking also makes it really clear to see and understand what a book can do for you.

And if that is for you to attract more clients and have shorter, simpler sales calls, you’ll see that’s possible.

This shift happens easily both, when I share the details and dispel the myths AND in the work participants do during the time with me at my workshops that I offer regularly.

…and the outcome for people who attend my workshop to learn more about my writing your book method, often comment like this:

“Thank you for a very informative zoom call, Sigrid de Kaste. Sufficient to say that I did a 180° turn in what and how I thought I would write my first book.
Thank you! I would love to work with you.”

– –  It can be that easy for people who attend my workshops to see their misunderstanding of the writing process.

– – It can be that simple for people who attend my workshops to make that shift to knowing they need help to write their book in a way they’ll achieve results!

It happened again just last Friday at my online masterclass workshop!

While that workshop is now done, there is STILL time to reach out and ask to work with me!

It’s not too late to DM me right here on below links for a messenger chat to see if your book idea is a good fit.

Typically, I’ll ask you a few questions to get some clarity around what your ‘behind the scenes’ looks like at this point in time and to see if you’d be a good fit to get results.

If so, I’ll invite you to work with me over the next 12-Weeks, writing and publishing your Book .

You’ll get that done in both, Print and Kindle version AND you’ll also walk away with a solid Promotion and Marketing Strategy and Plan in place to make the Impact with your Book, you have in mind!

…and if it’s not a good fit right now, I’ll say so. It’s important to me to be in integrity and only work with you if I feel you are ready for my program.

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