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Make your Book your Roadmap


Make your Book your Roadmap

Are you thinking you’d like to write your book and land on The New York Times bestsellers list?

While your book could end up there, it’s much better to have a clear vision, a specific outcome in mind, and create your book as your tool for starting a personal conversation with the reader as part of your outcome.

You can engage and build new relationships with your book and ultimately grow your audience and influence.

Look at publishing your book, perhaps becoming a bestselling author, as a mechanism for launching a much larger platform.
Starting with a book to expand your Brand, your Reach and your Reputation, makes a lot of sense.


It is a fast and simple yet highly powerful way to spread your message and method to the world.

People who get my help, for example, write with a clear purpose in mind to be achieved, and when it comes to launch day, they are ready to promote their book and themselves.

One of the outcomes might be that you’d like your book to help you shape your brand further and wider.

Here are some outcomes to be achieved by having your book, that make shaping your roadmap simple:


Outcome Example 1

Use your Book to turn into a new direction with your Expertise. Your Book can be the guide that shares how an experience has shaped a new path for you and what you will be able to help people with.

I did this with my first Book. My experience with always finding and keeping really great staff and the enjoyment working with and leading my people led me to turn from retail to consulting.

I wrote my first Book to share my experience and expertise and offer my services as a team building consultant.


Outcome Example 2

Use your Book to Stand Out in a Crowded Market
Business Coaches, Leadership and Executive Coaches operate in such a crowded market it is often difficult to get as many new clients as you might like to get.

The biggest mistake I see coaches make is using un-clear messaging and by trying to ‘sound’ professional, using language that simply does not attract their potential clients.

If you are a Business or Leadership Coach, writing your Book with my help, for example, will get you to dig deep into what specifically you do that is very different or unique and we’ll build your Book around that with wording your clients understand and makes them want to come and work with you.

Outcome Example 3

Your Book can help you generate social media buzz, perhaps attracting major media attention and help you engage in other promotional efforts that lead to you being invited to be the speaker at major events or being interviewed on a currently relevant topic that is in line with your expertise.

For example, loads of new Books were launched over the past couple of years about food, diets and well-being and it was easy to connect such a Book in relation to the pandemic with some authors getting Book sales in the thousands in just one day after a media interview aired.

In my experience, if this is an outcome you seek, it is best to make sure your Book is in direct relation to your Business Expertise and here is why:

The huge amount of Book sales is rarely sustained so when you write your Book on a topic you work in every day you can turn your Book into much higher returns than the price of a single Book purchase.


While it’s rare to just have one reason to want to write a Book, you need to be clear on which one matters the most and let that one guide your roadmap to success.

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