Impact & Inspire with a Book

Make Money with your Book

Make Money with your Book

“I’m going to show you how you can use your book to add $3,000 to $10,000 a month without selling any books!”

I’m not sure how exactly the person who wrote that headline on their sales letter is doing that, he never explained it anywhere on the page but asks you to buy his book first, so I’m assuming book sales may be part of that extra money a month.

What I am sure of is that I have added $25,000 in the first week I published my first book, using my book writing, publishing and marketing framework and I’m happy to tell you what I did and why it works, without book sales.

The strategy to achieve high sales with your book without selling cartons full of books is very simple, what is not so simple and very few people will be able to tell you, is WHY it works and what exactly you need to do.

You see, when I successfully sold my second business after boosting it with some at the time new marketing strategies, I was ‘over’ being in retail and I searched for something new to get into.

At a weekend course I discovered that writing a book about an expertise you have can fast and easily elevate you to authority status.

The writing course gave me the foundations of writing a book but there were no publishing details and nothing about how to get the book to the right reader, the one who would want to read my book and then accept me as an authority on the topic I’d written about.

It took me 8 months to write the book, another 3 to publish it and the pain of time and thousands of dollars to re-do the book title and cover before it was ready for the right reader and made me $25,000 in that first week of the publish.

The key element in writing a book that can make you money without book sales is that you match your expertise to something that people are really, really looking for help for.

Through already being in business and mixing with loads of business contacts I knew businesses around me were desperate to find and keep excellent staff, something I always had in my businesses.

I simply used that knowledge and expertise and wrote my book for those ‘staff seeking’ business owners, using a book title (after much back and forth and a ‘false start’) that spoke directly to these people.

My strategy to get the books to the right people was simple, I researched who and where they were and simply send a copy of my book, gift wrapped, to those people.

A lot of these business owners did only read the book title and phoned me to find out how I could help them and the ones who did not call, I phoned to find out if they’d received my gift.

That gesture opened them up to share their staff frustrations and ask to work with me.

This is just ONE way to write and use a book to establish your authority and expertise and attract clients who really WANT to work with you, without any hard work of trying to ‘sell’ loads of books to make money.

Since those early days I’ve discovered roughly four outcomes people wish to achieve by writing a book and my 12-Week Book Writing, Publishing and Marketing Framework offers the right path for each of them. Of course, over time, I’ve refined the framework with every client, since 2014.

…and yes, you read correctly, I’ve found a formula to write and publish your book in just twelve weeks, rather than the more than eight months my first book took to complete!

If you would like my help to write a book and you’ve experienced doubt you can write, or write a ‘good’ book, and time to write seems to be a hurdle so far, my program starts with a deep dive into WHY you want to write your book and that lets you discover what your book title needs to be and serves as your book chapter framework.

You’ll be super clear on your topic and able to write concise yet simple without doubt, fear or frustration, and in ‘no time’ will you be finished, while you continue to work in your business!

I’ll also teach you the simple way to professionally format and publish your book both in kindle and print version, in one easy sweep directly into the multi-million member Amazon platform.

Your readers buy from there direct, no hassles with wrapping and posting for you, and you get your author copies as you need them for speaking or event engagements, or as many as you need if you want to apply my gift strategy, no holding of thousands of dollars’ worth of books in your spare room!

Simply send me a PM right here if you’d like my help, and we’ll chat to see if your book idea is a good fit

I have room to accept 5 more people starting first week in October, so you have your book published BEFORE Christmas.

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