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Judging Ourselves


Often people judge themselves without needing to,

…thinking what they know, or what they want to write a book about might not be as good as what someone else has already written on that subject.

This judgement might be out of fear of not measuring up to other people’s standards or it might be out of lack of confidence in one’s own abilities, either way, when writing a book this is totally unnecessary and here is why:

Over the six or so years I owned different retail businesses, in the Diamond Jewellery and Office Supplies Industries, I always had fantastic staff. My team worked diligently and excitedly to achieve the outcomes we set. They took on responsibilities and worked to instructions as well as made independent decisions.

While I had such wonderful people working with me, I constantly heard the business owners around me complain about their staff, saying their employees didn’t do the job well, they’d took time off sick in the busiest of times, they would not follow up on sales calls and on and on the complaints went.

Whenever I questioned these business owners, they would go into a tirade of complaints and blame everything that did not work in their business on their staff. They said things like:

“I wish I could find great people. If only there were more loyal employees. I can’t find any good staff, they are all useless!”

That’s when I decided to write my very first book. It was in direct response to having heard these complaints and knowing that obviously the way I hired and worked with my staff, was working well for my people and me. I never had any complaints like the ones I hear from other business owners and I never had to ‘fire’ anyone.

At first I thought to myself: “Who am I to write a Book?”

Yes, I know that I never had any of the issues with my employees, these other business owners seem to have, and I have a lot to contribute to show others how to handle staff, but to write a book about that takes good knowledge of English. For me, English is my second language and I’m not sure I have the grammar and vocabulary to write an entire book!?

Then I did some research on the subject of employing and working with people, staff training, teambuilding etc, and I found there are hundreds, if not thousands, of books written on the subject but not one topic as specific on how to find perfect staff and never have to fire a worker, as I wanted to write.

This is something people often miss. They judge themselves long before they even do any research into the subject they want to write a book about and no one in the writing and publishing industry tells them that it’s not the subject that’s important but the specific topic they want to write about.

This is a detailed step in the planning process I’ve included in my Write & Publish a Marketing Optimized Book in 6-Weeks or less.
You see, research must be part of all Marketing. You cannot market something when it is not clear who wants what you’re marketing and how they want it. Research will reveal that.

Having a particular subject for your book in mind, is only the beginning and NOT the time to start writing, but the time to dig deeper into what exactly you want to achieve with your book.

The subject chosen to write about will have hundreds or thousands of books published already – but NOT the specific topic you come up with.

Inside step two of my program people research the subject they have in mind for their book and we then find what exactly the book topic needs to be, in line with what their research into the subject revealed.

This process is set out in the personalized, one on one, first session of my program, so that each person gets their very specific plan and direction for their book topic.

Missing these steps is what creates people’s fear and judgement of their ability of writing a book after they’ve published and are not getting the results they’d hoped for, their book would achieve. Most of the time, this is book sales, they lack book sales!

But in this post we’re addressing the judgement of one’s abilities BEFORE writing a book!

There is no, absolutely NO need for judgement of your ability to write a book.

NO ONE in the world will write a book that addresses a specific topic, in exactly the same way or with the same detail, as you or I.

It is equally important and helps totally avoid any judgement of your ability to write a book, when you have a very specific outcome you wish to achieve with your book, in mind.

The outcome I had in mind, with my very first book, was to get into the consulting market.

My topic and title were specifically designed to attract those business owners in local businesses around me, like Insurance, Accounting, Luxury Car Sales, Florist, Human Resources, to show them how I always found great staff and never had to fire a worker.

That specific topic and how I described it, is unique to me and my ability to work with people.

No one else will ever describe it in the same way, therefore I have no competition and no one who has written on that subject would have chosen the topic the way I did and therefore has not written about it any better than me.


If you are ready to stop judging your ability to write a book and want help straightening out your way of thinking about writing and publishing a book and simply get started, send me a PM on Messenger, either FB or LinkedIn, as below.

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