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Most savvy business owners who are already successful with regular clients, see writing a book as the NEXT step to gain further and wider recognition and understand that having a book to their name creates a long-lasting asset.

They know that by being more visible, because of having a book, will also bring more clients and more income opportunities.

The question around is writing a book expensive, specially around having it published, proof read, edited, formatted etc is more one asked by people who follow the OUTDATED traditional way of writing a book!

You see, the outdated, traditional way of writing suggests you start with writing as step one and then you add editing, formatting, finding a publisher, which all takes time and yes, money!

…BUT the biggest expense is yet to come…and that is your Marketing!

How are you going to ‘market’ your Book?

Loads of people ‘expect’ that’s a part the publisher provides…


What’s MISSING in this OUTDATED traditional approach is starting with a strategic approach and a plan to achieve an outcome – which is a massive point of difference that I provide with my strategic book writing framework, for example.

You see, firstly, no ‘book coach’, no ‘editor’ no ‘publisher’ can help you with the strategic approach when they don’t look at how you’d integrate your book into your brand and business so you will end up with unnecessary expenses, and…

Secondly, when you’re starting with writing instead of marketing, and you don’t have a clear idea how you’ll use your book to specifically uplevel your brand and business to make a bigger impact in the world, you will encounter ‘expense’ after ‘expense’ that was not clear to you would come up.

That’s why I developed my strategic book writing framework.

Each of my books was specifically written and integrated into my brand and business with a clear outcome in mind and that did two things:

Number 1 – the writing and publishing steps were clear from the start because looking at HOW I would integrate my book into my business (marketing) told me what I needed to write and who for, which is also already covering your marketing LATER, once you’ve published!

Number 2 – all parts of the writing, publishing and marketing process, when done in combination as one project, are predictable in what you need for time and money and with that, the outlay to get the book done becomes an investment, not an expense.

I look at the book as a HUGE marketing, positioning and brand and business up-leveling ASSET for the coach or consultant – and so, I work with people in business who want that:

To break the barrier to being visible from ‘only’ when you show up to instead create Global Visibility for you and your Brand, with your Book.

AND increase your credibility, global recognition, expertise validation AND selling your services non-salesy in a way that brings Clients to you, already convinced you’re the expert they need and they’re ready to buy…because of your Book…


If that sounds like why you’d want to write your Book, PM me and we’ll chat to see if your Book idea is a match to achieve success using my strategic book writing framework.

And if this way of writing sounds totally new to you, let’s start a conversation around what makes my book writing framework so different to anything on the market.

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