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Is this Your Social Media Strategy?

Facebook… Google+…Twitter…Linked…Pinterest…

Where are you and Why?…

Navigating a new Platform almost every week….adding news and info regurlarly….

What’s your Social Media Strategy??

If you currently are doing a lot of posting for little return….the real question behind the lack of love is do you have a strategy, is it working and if not, what would be a better one?

Much is being written about social media and its place in marketing…and more new platforms appear more often…you can spend your time on all of them or just some…however while you do this randomly 2 things will happen:

  • You will not get the results you want
  • You cannot measure your results correctly

Small business owners are urged to be part of the social media scene and rightly so. It’s your opportunity to carve your place and quite successfully as long as you look out for this:

  1. Who do you want as your customer?
  2. Do you know this customer, understand their profile?
  3. Do you know which social media this customer prefers and moves around on?
  4. What are the times and days this customer is active on those sites?
  5. What is it exactly that this customer is looking for on the social media site?

Marketing is always about first gathering information and then measuring….that includes in social media

Before you venture further down the path….make sure you set up your strategy and plan….this will allow you a more targeted return

Have a great week….oh, and by the way…we do Strategy and Plan click here