Impact & Inspire with a Book

Imagine your Book helps you enrol Clients

Your helping you get Clients…?

IMAGINE enrolling new high-paying clients and generating double what you’re achieving now because these new clients already know who you are and what you offer, they don’t argue and don’t ask for a low end offer first to get to know you because you’ve put your experience and expertise into your Book!

People don’t need to follow you/your content for years and “get to know you” and go through a long climb from low to high end model of first buying lots of low-ticket things before they’ll trust you enough to finally sign on for your high-end offer when you make what you offer clear in your Book.

See, the mistake so many coaches make when they write a book following only their own idea of how to write, the mistake is they don’t understand how to weave their experience into their expertise in a way it offers the solution the reader is looking for.

And most coaches make this mistake because they miss planning the outcome they wish to achieve with their book FIRST.

I see coaches post daily about their ‘hey, here’s my book, come buy it’ offer and yes, there may be loads of ‘likes’ and well-meaning encouragement by friends, family and contacts, but once that’s died down, you’ll find that’s it!

There is no further reason to buy the book and the call to action: “Buy my book”, becomes a bit boooring!

TWO important things people who get my help writing their book, achieve:

1.- They write with a clear outcome they want to achieve from having their book, which most of the time, is to ultimately attract new clients.

And so, we make sure what needs to be explained in the book, gets explained so the reader can actually understand it and also understands that it’s ok to contact you.

This means when they contact you, they know what to expect and when you make your offer, they simply say “YES, I’m in!”…and they pay you!

(NOT the price of your book, no, they pay the price of your program!)

2.- The second important thing people who get my help experience is, they have a strategy and a plan to promote their book in place that keeps the promotions INTERESTING.

You know, people keep asking me about how to market their book, they come to me AFTER they’ve published and want marketing.

That’s really, really difficult when the book was NOT written with an outcome in mind and specifically written around the author’s signature expertise.

When you just write your book so you have a book, I cannot help you market it but when people write their book with me, they have a marketing plan in place and know how to market it.

When you write to make an impact with your book or you write to inspire others you still need to connect the dots to who will read your book and what specifically are they looking for to read about.

I hope that helps.

And if you’d like my help, simply PM me and we’ll chat over messenger to see if your book idea is a good fit and will achieve an outcome for you.

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