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I don’t really understand Social Media do I really need it

I don’t really understand Social Media do I really need it

I don’t really understand social media. Do I really need it? Hi I am Sigrid de Kaste from Stickybeak Marketing, and that’s a question I get a lot from traditional business owners. Probably of that over the 55 age group, probably because it is not something that we necessarily grew up with. It is newer to the over 55’s. Let me answer it in this way for you. Yes, you really, really, really, need to be in the social media because that’s where your customers and your clients are, so there’s no point in doing only the traditional probably print media on its own. You do need to have a good mix of marketing activities in place.

In fact you don’t want to just advertise in the traditional way, because it is about campaigning. Now think of it this way. Campaigning and use the politicians there, they do a lot of activity around the time when they want you do something, which is right for them. What you want to do with the marketing campaign is, you want to be out there and visible a lot when you want your customers and your clients to really get to know you or to get to know where you are. Social media is a fantastic medium to do that. You are not going to go in there and sell to them but connect with them, show them who you are and show them what you know. Most of all, show them what you know. Answer questions that you might get in your daily activity with customers.

Answer those out there in the social media and finding out which social media to use, well ask your customers. Where are you? Which social media do you like? Ask them directly, you will know what they prefer. Then you can go out there and put your information and your knowledge in there, and social media becomes something that is part of your marketing activity.

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