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How writing a book can help you Market YOU ‘non-markety’

How writing a book can help you Market YOU ‘non-markety’

If you feel like you’re not good at marketing and you’re doing very little because you don’t want to come across as “market-y”, write a book and let it do your marketing for you, and here is why…

I’m sure you’re good at explaining things to your clients, and if you are, you’ll likely be good at writing it into a book.

You see, firstly, your book automatically and instantly puts you up as the expert and authority on the topic you’ll write about.

That means for you, when you talk about what you do and what clients get from working with you and you refer to having the details in your book, it’s never ‘market-y’, it’s you teaching or coaching.

For example, instead of saying: with my method you’ll gain your confidence in just three sessions with me…

…you might say that you work with people who need more confidence, and your particular way helps them to gain that confidence after just three sessions with you, which you’ve described in your book on page 44, if you refer to it that way, people who read that in a post or hear you talk about it will want to read your book to know more.

That way you offered the choice to find out more in a ‘non-market-y’ way, which builds trust, and being the author of a book shows people you know what you’re doing and what you’re talking about.

Secondly, depending on what specifically you might want your book to do for you, you might have a ‘give away’ as your book strategy and when you’re generously gifting your book, that’s not ‘market-y’ but helpful sharing of your knowledge and expertise.

The key to using your book as your ‘marketing tool’ in a ‘non-market-y’ way is simple when you write it in the first place with that in mind.

You see, people who write their book without thinking about how they’re going to use it, focus on the WRONG writing style.

The way people who get my help, for example, write their book, is using client-attracting content and the style is much more along the lines of how you probably talk to your clients – explaining concepts to them, outlining how their problem can be solved based on your experience and expertise, and so forth.

So, if you’re good at explaining things to your clients, you’ll likely be good at writing your book in this way and using it smoothly as your main marketing method.

Clients of mine don’t have trouble fleshing out their book chapters because I help them to first unlock exactly what they want their book to do for them and then it’s easy to include the right things and to exclude what’s not needed.

One of the many questions I put to clients is: ‘How would you say this to your client?’

This can be like a lightbulb is turned on for the client and the writing part of the book is smooth, simple and FAST, which means most people finish all three book phases with me:

• The Writing
• The Publishing
• The Marketing Plan in Place

I love working with people who ‘get’ this because it helps more savvy women in business, the changemakers, to be extra savvy!
Writing a book takes on the marketing for you and all you need to write it, is the same skillset that makes you great at what you do with clients.

Writing your book in a way you talk to your clients makes people who read it want to follow you, join your audience, and ultimately buy from you.

It’s almost as if your book is written as a kind of reply to something that a client would ask or wonder about.

And people who’ve actually had you coach them or experienced your services would be able to “hear” your voice in their head as they read your book and it would sound just like what they’re used to.

To get your head around this way of writing simply takes planning before writing and the rest becomes the most intuitive thing in the world because it is something you already know how to do.

You’ve probably just never heard or thought about writing in this way because you might be locked into the myth that a ‘good’ book needs a special kind of writing and will take a lot of your time and therefore take a lot of time to write.

Not so, you can write your book, publish it and have your book ‘non-markety’ marketing plan in place within just 12-Weeks with my framework, for example.

If that’s something you’d like to do, I invite you to tell me more about your book idea.

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