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How to avoid the dreaded I think about it

How to avoid the dreaded I’ll have to think about it

Want to avoid: “I’ll have to think about it”​?

Are you one of the coaches this happens to you?

People start off excitedly messaging, sounding keen to want coaching and finally jump on a call with you.

You go through all the details of how you’ll help them and show the value you offer is much more than the investment, and then they say to you, “I’ll have to think about it”, or “I never make a decision straight away”…

…and for all your time and expectation, now you’re completely deflated!

Did you know…


…it’s because they don’t feel like they have enough information about what you do and how you do it?


YES, you think you said it all, or maybe you now think you said too much!

That’s not the case.

When people feel they don’t fully understand or don’t have enough information after a call with you, they rarely will admit to that and so they wish to walk away to ‘think about it’.


Now, some people will tell you that you need a better ‘funnel’ up front that converts your coaching prospects to clients along the way.


Other people will tell you that you need ‘challenges’ and give away a lot of tips and ‘how to’, to convert people to want your coaching.


Here is what I tell you:


Write a Book about your Coaching Expertise.


Make it really clear what you do and why and what led you to do so.


When you explain authentically, in your personal style, exactly who you are and what makes your approach so different, or so unique, page by page, you can convert people to want to work with you even if they have NOT read your book!


…and here is why:


Firstly, simply by being the author of a book that is about your expertise do you stand out from other coaches.


The first thing that helps you stand out is your book title and so the coaches who get my help to write their book always start with clarity on who they are and what specifically makes them different.


Secondly, the coaches who work with me not only plan, write and publish their book, but we also look at all of your other marketing so your book becomes a strategic part of promoting you and your expertise.


We map out how you’re going to market you and your book, BEFORE you write it!


And thirdly, along the way of writing your book with me, for example, will you discover a new way of looking at, describing and then naturally talking about your coaching expertise.


You will discover this because I’ll ask you loads of questions about your expertise and I’ll give you ways of describing your work and yourself in different ways!


You see, writing a book is not about showing off how good your literary style is.


It is not about how well you know your grammar, no, writing a book to share your coaching expertise and make it easy for people to say ‘YES’ to be coached by you, is about firmly positioning yourself as the valuable and credible authority you are and gaining the recognition you deserve.


…and that will not be just inside your book but also in the way you’ll talk about your book and your coaching expertise.


This way of writing helps get clients, whether they’ve read your book or not, and, for example, to be positioned to get clients there are more ways than simply selling your book!


I am currently offering new spots in my program for coaches with a passion about their work and who want to write a book.

If you are a coach who wants more clients saying ‘YES’ to work with you, you can set up long drawn out ‘funnel’s’ or do exhausting ‘challenges’ or you can contact me for a chat and we’ll discuss your book idea and see if it’s a good fit to get results with my program.

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