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How many different Social Media Sites should I be on

Are you asking: How many different Social Media Sites should I be on?

…or perhaps: Should I be on many different Social Media sites ?

Hi, I’m Sigrid de Kaste from Stickybeak Marketing and I get asked that question quite a bit from potential clients and  clients I work with.

Often business owners think, oh well, I’m on Facebook, that must be enough….but is it or are many different Social Media sites better for a vast spread and more visibility for you?


Here I am sharing, this is how to determine how many social media sites you should be on.

The first step to be on different Social Media sites is to look at, in detail, who are your customers?

Who are your current clients? And on how many different social media sites are they most often?

Are they really all on Facebook, or do they also go to Instagram?

Do they like Pinterest?

Do they also go to Google+, which some people still think is not that often used? However, it is, and it does give you a lot of power.

You need to look at where your current customers or clients are. Then you can determine on how many social media sites you should be represented, and which are going to be the most powerful ones for you to connect with your audience.


Free Multi Channel

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Across all channels is what we often promote the most.

Make sure you are in social media on those sites where your customers and clients most are.

Here a little bit more details about Google+ – Google’s Social Media Site

Google gives power to it’s own – and here is how that works in your favour:

Post into Google+ regularly, you can do this every time you post in FB, and use hashtags directly associated with the post. Then link the post to a blog post on your website of to a product or service you offer.

Google shows Google+ posts on page one, provided your hash-tagged keywords are in line with the post you are sending viewers to

Using hashtags on Google+ is directly linked to being found in Google search.

Google also offers ‘My Business’, for businesses with a ‘store front’  meaning they are location based.

This is another powerful way for Google to show you in searches.

This means for you, considering on how many different Social Media sites you should be, depends on what you want to achieve, as well as who you want to be visible to