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How can I make use of Social Media if I don’t have time

How can I make use of Social Media if I don’t have time

How can I make use of social media if I don’t have time to post all the time?

I am Sigrid de Kaste from Stickybeak Marketing and that’s a very relevant question because being on social media, well you don’t know when your customers going to be there. They might be there some times of the day. The might be there all the time of the day. Who knows?

Can you know? Yes, you can do some research and finding out what times your particular customers and clients are most often on social media, but you know a better way is to simply be there in an automated way. Yes, you can automate your social media posting. There are many different platforms that will do that for you. You just simply preset what you want to say and they send it out whatever time you set.

Now here’s a great thing. Stickybeak Marketing offers not only the automated posting for you, but it does offer it in a way that it recurs. You don’t just have to set lots and lots of different posts that still takes time to do that, but you set particular types of posts and you measure which work the best. Then you set them up as recurring, so they go out there over and over because they work. You know that. They work. That’s the way to go.

You can set up automation quite easily. There is a lot of it out there. That if you want to do it in a personalized way and in a way that you have the chance to really grab your prospects anytime, anywhere that they are looking, then come to Stickybeak and check out what we can offer you there to make it not just automated, but recurring and personalized.

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