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How a Book helps you BRAND YOU in a very competitive Niche

How a Book helps you BRAND YOU in a very competitive Niche

Did you know…in a highly competitive niche, a book can serve as a powerful tool to establish and elevate your personal brand.

By writing a book that showcases your expertise, insights, and unique perspective, you position yourself as a credible authority in your field.

That’s exactly what Jane Jackson has done and, just one way reaching her readers, she’s sold thousands of copies of her book, one large organization coming back for more every year!

So, I asked Jane to share some of her journey and reveal any ‘secrets’ around having a book and using it as a tangible representation of her brand and a testament to her knowledge and experience in her niche.

Watch her answers and how she shared 4 Top Tips around that in this Video:

Here are the 4 Top Tips shared in the Video above:

1.- Survey

When you are thinking about writing a Book and are not sure about the topic to use, do a survey with your best clients, those you want more of – listen carefully to what words and phrases they use to describe you and use their words to describe yourself. Then use that to niche yourself and write your book about that as a topic.

Do NOT mix this up with surveying people about your book title, NO, about how people see you, what you excel in.


2.- Mission

In my book writing framework this is called ‘the outcome’ – what do you want your book to do for you?
That is your mission, you want to achieve something that’s so, so on your heart that nothing detracts you and this carries you through and motivates you to keep writing.
What is your mission? What do you want your book to do for you, to help with your mission?


3.- Type of Book

What type of book are you writing. Is it all about inspiration or a ‘how to’ share? Do you want people to go from the book to your website?

So many different ways to write your book but ONE thing is important: it wants to be about YOUR expertise so your book helps you BRAND you!


4.- Selling large Quantities

To achieve good numbers of book sales, and that is definitely NOT your main aim, but selling large quantities may be beneficial to BRAND you and get recurring speaking and training opportunities, if that is part of what you’d like to do.

While you use your book to position and promote yourself, you become known on a much large scale and new opportunities come your way!

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