Impact & Inspire with a Book

Future Proof your Business

Future Proof your Business with a Book

Imagine…you can Future-Proof Your Business in 12 Weeks With An Authority Book…how would that feel?

Being the author of a book is still the single most powerful way to be recognized as the Expert Authority in your coaching niche…

BUT… while 85% of people in business want to write, less than 5% are successful!

Loads of speakers and coaches who already claim authorship, even ‘Bestselling’ authorship, struggle with promoting themselves and their books because they missed the Main 3 Ingredients.

To reap REAL benefits from your authorship, especially in tight economic times, where your reputation is best displayed in ‘black & white”, writing a book is your key to credibility, wider recognition, validation of your expertise AND selling your services in a way that brings clients to you, already convinced you’re the expert they need and they’re ready to buy… because of your Book.

Listen to the Podcast and learn:

  • How the Top 3 reasons to write a book help you ‘economy proof’ yourself.
  • The biggest mistake most people make when writing a book and how to avoid it.
  • How writing a book helps you gain more clarity and confidence around your expertise.
  • How a Book is a perfect foundation for your business.


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