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Fear of what others will say

Do you fear what others will say about your Book?

Do you fear what others will say when you write your book?

Is fear of being judged stopping you from writing that book you’ve had on your mind all this year, and maybe even the year before and right now that fear has pushed it into the next year to get started?

On a rational level you might know that you do have what it takes to write a book, heck, you’re writing other content for social media daily, you’re writing reports and emails to clients, it’s not that you actually ‘cannot’ write.

It’s just something about a book that seems to make writing an arduous task, something you think you will have to make time for, something you think you need to spend a lot of time on.

You think that mostly because that’s what ‘other people’ say and it’s those ‘other people’ that you might think will judge you for writing a book that ‘they’ may perceive as not a ‘good’ book.

But that inner voice keeps coming back nudging and reminding you that you really do have expertise and knowledge that is already helping clients to reach their goals and you know you’re making a difference, so, today I’ll join that voice and remind you to stop and think about this fear in a different way, and here is why:


Firstly, you ditched any fear to go into business.

You’re successful with how you help clients.

You make a difference in their lives, and you keep going, taking every hurdle in your stride because you believe in what you do, right?

You see, fear may still be there but you’re not letting it get the upper hand in your business and in working with clients.

And I would not be surprised had you not had ‘people’ say that going into business is risky, and what do you really know about it and yet you did it!

So, think back for a moment how you simply took that step and started your business?

You can apply a similar way and push that current fear about writing your book aside.

If you don’t start now, if you don’t get ‘a handle’ on your fear, do you really think you will next year?

Secondly, your unique expertise, the way you work with clients and help them to achieve their dreams and goals, be that in their business or in their life, you’re being ‘unfair’ keeping that expertise from more people getting to know about and therefore able to want to come and get your help.

You see, in your book you can easily describe what led you to do what you do and why it is important and helpful.

The key here is, if I’d ask you questions around your expertise and I’d ask you share what and why you do what you do, you’d have no hesitation in answering me.

And that is very similar how you would write your book with my help, for example.

When I work with clients, they are always amazed how simple the writing process itself is, after we had deep and detailed discussions about what you want to achieve with your book.

Most people use a similar process in their work with their clients to help them get the outcome they want.

And just like it takes your clients to have your help to move forward, people who get my help recognize that writing their book can be simple, easy and fast, with help.

You see, deep down you know it’s not other people who make you but your clients who are grateful to get your help and expertise.

And that is who you will be writing your book for, your clients and to get more clients, when you work with me, for example.

What ‘other people’ say is irrelevant when you have a clear focus on sharing your experiences and your expertise to reach new and more clients and the way that comes about is in the way you’ll ‘market’ your book, or, I prefer to say, let your book ‘market you’, which is part of the help you’ll get from me, writing your book.

I’d say, don’t delay and get started today.

This year is almost over and success is with those who take action.

I’ll add my voice to the one you’re already hearing inside of you saying: “You can do this! Start writing your Book this year, don’t leave it to the next!”

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