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Do you qualify to write

Are you wondering what you need to ‘Qualify’ to start writing your Book?

Are you wondering what you need to know before starting on your book?

Loads of coaches, consultants, savvy business owners are feeling stuck and frustrated, knowing they have a valuable topic to write about and are capable of doing so, but are just not clear on where to start.

If that’s you, let me share one of three important things that let you ‘qualify’ to get started!

You see, much confusion is about what exactly to write a book about.

Sure, you might have an idea, for example, if you’re a relationship coach you might want to share your knowledge and help people move beyond their programming and conditioning but if you’ve not yet started your book or have started but are stuck somehow, here is likely why:

To write a book to help more people is a great idea but without more detail on what that ‘help’ in your book would actually look like, how much detail you’d need to offer and where exactly, with which part of your knowledge you should start chapter one, it’s no wonder you’re hesitating to get started or you’ve written loads of words but have no real idea how to continue.

If you are a relationship coach and came to get my help, for example, and you’ve made LinkedIn your main social media sharing platform, the first thing we’d explore is how you’d want your book to help you.

What would you want to get in return for helping people to move beyond their programming and conditioning?

We’d take that apart and dig deep into what your outcome from having your book would be, for example, do you want more clients coming to you, because of your book?

Or do you want more clients more easily becoming your clients?

There are loads of other outcomes you might want to achieve but let’s focus on just these two for now because for each one to achieve, you’d write your book a little bit different.

If you’d want more clients coming to you because of your book you’d need to get the book into people’s hands in the first place.

So, then we’d need to look at how that would best work for you on LinkedIn and what promoting and marketing your book in other ways would look like, in order to get people to read it.

We’d also need to be really, really clear WHO exactly those readers would be and make sure the book title grabs people in business because that’s what LinkedIn is, a mostly business related social media platform!


To have more clients becoming your clients more easily you’d need people to know about your book but not necessarily have them read your book.

Again, we’d first look at how that would best work for you on LinkedIn and then touch on other platforms or other ways to get your book seen and known about.

Can you see how the outcome you want to achieve means your book needs to be written in a way the outcome CAN be achieved?

Your book can only work for you and the reader if you plan for it to do so and that’s the reason why people who get my help ALWAYS start with planning, one on one, with me.

Only after you have that clarity will you start writing and the actual writing and finishing of your book will be fast, exciting and enjoyable.

You’ll feel like you’re writing as if you’ve got that person who you want to help with your book, as if you’ve got them sitting right there, across the table from you and that information you want to share just ‘bubbles’ out of you!

I know, loads of people and even more posts and articles all over social media and the internet upon ‘googling’ will tell you: “writing a book requires inspiration, intuition”, and perhaps even ability.

Absolutely all of that…BUT…for any book, and we’re talking here specifically a book for your business that shares your knowledge, your experience and your expertise, such a book, just like your business, needs PLANNING.


So, having this clarity and planning for the outcome you want to achieve with your book, is one of three important things that let you ‘qualify’ to get started!

I hope that helps, and if you’d like to read about all three things, simply ask me, I’ve created a 9 page report you might like to read. PM me via FB or LinkedIn

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