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Do Low Cost and Free Marketing Tips Work?

Do Low Cost and Free Marketing Tips Work?

Do low cost and free marketing tips work? Hi, I’m Sigrid de Kaste, Stickybeak Marketing and that’s a great question.

Have you tried it?

Have you followed some free and low cost marketing tips, and what did you find?

Did they work? Sometimes they might have. Here is how to look at it.

Free and low cost marketing tips are general so what you need to do is take them onboard but then make them specific to your business.

The elements to do with that or the formula for that is, always, always and always will be to know who your customers, who your clients really are. If you’re selling shoes, don’t say, “Everybody who buys shoes.” Well, yes, that’s the overall target market that you have, but become more specific.

Go for women’s shoes. Go for special occasion shoes. Go for children shoes. Then convert those free tips that you might have heard about into that particular niche market, or specific market of your overall group of customers.

I heard that that makes sense so don’t use them in a generalized way. You need to really pull them back and make sure that they are very specific to your business and your target audience, your target client.

Because what can happen is somebody might say to you, “We are doing great on Pinterest,” and so you go out and want to do the same and it just doesn’t work. Well, Pinterest specifically is great for any business that has a larger visual appeal.

So somebody who has recipe books or sells cooking courses or classes, brilliant, because that’s very visual. You can create some great looking recipes and with all the ingredients and everything that goes in there. Fantastic to look at, so when you put that on Pinterest people are intrigued by that, they’ll follow the link back to the website.

That might not work for you so your low cost or free tip wasn’t well for you.

Think about to make them from the general tip to something specific for your business.