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Content Marketing

Content Marketing – What is it?

Are you active with Content Marketing?…or is the term new to you?

Much is being written about the significance of content marketing but by far not many traditional businesses know about it and even if they do, it may be considered a time consuming part of your marketing. If you do not know about content marketing, contact us for a consultation here

Firstly, let’s describe what it is

Content Marketing is creating a variety of written material for and about your business. I might be your website pages about different products and services, it might be newsletters and press releases, white papers or reports

Writing fresh material on a regular basis and publishing it on your website, on social media sites and blog sites contributes to ‘branding’ your business and ultimately the point is to drive viewers back to your website

Here is a graphic giving you a visual overview

Content Marketing

You may choose to publish content on different sites to the ones we’ve listed here, in any case, the idea is quite simple, put news and up dates about you, your business and your products or services online on a variety of sites and lead viewers via links in the text back to your website

This method of bringing viewers to your website has been in practice for many years however it’s real significance has been brought into the spotlight since the changes in Google’s SEO rules

Creating interesting material about your business, products and services is always of interest to your customers and attracts potential customers so it makes sense to adopt using content marketing as one of your marketing strategies. Don’t know how to? We can help, contact us here

So, in a nutshell, content marketing is creating written material that is places on as many sites online as are suitable for your business and where your customers are searching for products and services you provide

Secondly, how can you make it work for you?

Making content marketing work for you requires you to come up with new, not previously published material for and about your business, products and services

Can you create something new every week? Probably not, so consider getting it done for you

Before you do, though, consider this:

What are the 3 most important business objectives for your content marketing activities?

Just like with everything in your business, set your goal first. Only with a goal in mind can you achieve it!

Content marketing simply thrown out there, done irregular, on sites others might have recommended to you, you will not get results

Define your goal, set your strategy and your content marketing will be on it’s way to bring you the sales you want

Haven’t got your strategy in place? We can help, Business Marketing, Branding and Content Strategy are part of our Brand Strategy and Plan Package, click here for more

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