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Change the Way you think about writing your Book

Change the Way you Think about Writing a Book – Here is Why

Why Change the Way you think about Writing your Book?

You can only change when you change how you think first – you know that, right?

So, if you want to write a book and think in the ‘old’ ways you need to change that and here is why:

1.-One of the ‘old’ ways of thinking about writing a book is that you start with writing.
You might write a bit every day, be disciplined and write, that’s what the old way says to do.

How do you know when you’re finished writing? You don’t, so you keep writing and writing. Loads of people do this and never actually finish.

2.-The ‘old’ way of thinking about writing is thinking your writing will be made right by having it edited.


The editor is awesome for the text correctness, spelling and grammar, flow of ‘story’, but that has nothing to do with how your words are received by the reader and the ‘right’ reader, as well.

-Did you use the words and phrases your reader knows and uses?
-Did you write each chapter with the reader in mind?
-Is your content right for what your reader is looking for?
The only way you can achieve that, is when you START your book with the reader in mind!

3.-The ‘old’ way of thinking about your book is thinking once your book is written and published people will simply know about it and buy every time you just mention your book in a post.


Writing posts that say: ‘I’m an Author, look at me, I’ve written this book’ will only gain as much visibility as any of your other posts do now…which is…how many views are you getting?

-How many people read your posts now?
-Is your current Marketing getting you all the clients you want?
-How will a Book get you more visibility and more clients if you’re going to use the same Marketing?

So, what’s the NEW way of thinking about writing your Book?

The new way is to START thinking about what you want your book to do for you –

What is the outcome you want to achieve with your book?

People who get my help and work with my Strategy and Framework start with a deep dive into what exactly they want their book to do for them.
Knowing what you want your book to do for you gives us the clue WHO you need to write your book for and that let’s you know what you need to write about.

Once we have spent our 1:1 session together and established these parts, we can map out your book, chapter by chapter and you can start writing with a very clear idea what content and how much content each of your book chapters need.

No more ‘writing and writing and writing’ with no end in sight!

You know when you’ve completed each chapter.

The initial strategy work with me also shows you how you need to ‘market’ your book, how and even where you are going to speak about your book so people will want to read it.

And because you wrote your book in a way that speaks clearly to your reader, the reader gets to know, like and trust you on a deep and meaningful level and can easily choose to want to come and work with you.

More clients more easily!

I do currently have 3 spots for coaches who might be thinking about writing ‘the old way’ and find getting started difficult, or you have started and are ‘stuck’ but would really like to write that book THIS YEAR!

Get in touch and we’ll discuss if working with me is right for you.

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