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A little Mistake that can cost you Big

A Little Mistake That Can Cost You BIG

Here is how this little Mistake can cost you big and why writing a book can fix it:

There are some coaches thinking about lowering their price point or re-arranging their offers and charging less because they are not getting new clients.

But PRICE is rarely the objection, it is usually VALUE and a top way of sharing how much value your clients get from you, is when you explain it in a book.

Here is what I mean:

Firstly, some people are perhaps truly not in a position to pay for a high ticket offer when they hear about yours but when they understand your offer is exactly what they need to solve their problem, they will ‘hang around’ until they are in a position to invest.


This happened to an accountant with a ‘coaching’ approach to accounting. One of his approaches to get new clients for his services was to speak at networking events and offer his book there, available for sale.


The reason he wrote the book in the first place was to be in a position to fully explain how his services were different from other accountants, why coaches & consultants needed his services, what they could achieve by working with him and that they would actually save a lot of money with him as their accountant.


He told me about a couple of people who did buy his book at one event and later contacted him so say they loved his approach but could not afford his services at that time.


He noticed how they jumped on his email list, opened every email, download every ‘freebie’ he offered and just when he thought these people were probably just after ‘free’ information, one after the other messaged him to say: “I’ve read your book three times, actioned what you say in your book and now I’m ready to work with you, I’ve got the funds!”


Two things to note here:


Number One: This accountant almost made the mistake of lowering his price just to get more clients.


Number Two: Writing a book about his offer made the offer and exactly who he wanted to work with so much clearer for him.


…and writing a book does NOT take a lot of time.


I know from personal experience how precious time is when you’re in business so I make Book Writing and Publishing SIMPLE.

My Book Writing and Publishing Framework is custom-built for busy business owners who are ready and seeing the power and value in having a Book to their name.


What has stopped you writing your Book so far?


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