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5 Easy Steps to More Customers

5 Easy Steps to More Customers

Most businesses want more customers….or clients…and if you are one of those, here a few tips for you

Start with a Plan…it’s great to have ideas on how you can get more customers…but without a plan it’s like driving from Sydney to Brisbane without a GPS or map…

…if you just follow the road signs you probably still get there…but you waste a lot of petrol and therefore money, driving the long way around….does that make sense?

Following the road signs would be like doing marketing activities you hear or read about that sound great because someone is telling you so…


Recently Stickybeak Marketing was asked to create a marketing campaign to get more customers from the local area around a business

While the business owner was keen to do letterbox drops we researched his target market and then created a Marketing Plan

Here 3 Critical Points we established:

  1. What his target market is actually looking for
  2. Where his target market is located
  3. What the most successful way of contacting his target market would be


Spending time and money BEFORE doing any type of marketing can save a lot of money and create virtually instant results

We’ve recorded this short video with a few more details on the topic:


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