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3 Things to think About

3 Things to Think about BEFORE you Start Writing your Book

It is easy for some people to simply sit down and start writing when they want to publish a Book and it can be really difficult for others to even get started because they just have so many ideas what to write about.

No matter which one you belong to, the ‘just get started’ or the one just thinking about it, one thing both have in common, and that is:


NO planning takes place as to what the Book is to achieve!

…and of course, in many cases, that is what happens, ‘nothing’, and by that I mean, you’ll have your Book written and published, the big box of Books arrives at your doorstep, you’re full of excitement and start talking about your Book and posting all over social media that you are a published Author…

… only to slowly but surely discover, over the coming weeks and months, the excitement turns to sadness when others are not as excited as you are and your Book does not gain the interest you had hoped for and your Book deserves.

The most unfortunate part of this is, it took time, effort and money to get to that point and all that expectation of success ‘puffs’ into thin air.
So here, for you standing at the start of your Book Writing Journey, I’ve mapped out 3 Things for you to Think about BEFORE you start writing:

Number 1
Focus on ONE outcome you want to have your book achieve for you. This is about YOU, so be clear what you want your book to do for you.
· You will ‘help’ more people with your book, if that is one reason for writing, but do not make that the main outcome because it will be very hard to impossible to measure that. Dig deeper, layer by layer, what is really going on for you and think about achieving a ‘business’ outcome from spending the time and energy to get your book written and published.

Number 2
Choose your Signature (your main and most wanted) Expertise
· Forget all the ‘little’ or additional skills and offers you have, they are there, they are part of what you do – for your book focus on your MAIN one, the one you want to be known for – this becomes your book topic and helps you make the Impact you want to make and be recognised more widely for what you do.

Number 3
Who comes to you for this Expertise? What specifically do they want from you? What do they ask you?
· This information maps out into your book chapters. You’ll address what these people want to know so your book topic and title attracts them easily and it will make it easy to talk about your expertise and your book when you promote it.

If you are in business, your book is about business – and making it part of your business just makes sense.

The three things I’ve mentioned here are mistakes people make over and over, I know this because these people would come to my marketing agency for marketing when their ‘labor of love’ did not pay off!

This was my trigger to create my book writing program from the successes and leaving out the mistakes I made myself with my three international number 1 bestseller books.

I hope that helps – and if want to go it alone, I wish you success.
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