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What’s in a Domain Name?

How do you choose a Domain Name?

Traditionally, businesses have chosen their business name as the Domain Name. Offline, customers know the business by that name therefore it was logical to use the same name. However, it has become quite obvious that the internet is ‘in space’, a vast ether where, if the business name is unknown, no one will find the business. Gradually this changed due to the understanding that potential clients and customers were searching using particular words and phrases to find a service or business they wanted.

The Race is on!

Now it is almost standard practice to chose a Domain Name by using the main keywords and keyphrases are that a potential client or customer would or could use to find you. So by now most of the very obvious words and phrases for many businesses are taken. Guess what?

The Unusual

The latest trends used to stand out from the crowd are to chose a highly ‘unusual’ or incredible image involing your Domain Name so it will be remembered. It does not matter whether your name has anything to do with your business exactly, or whether the client and customer is searching with this word or phrase. The idea here is that because it’s unusual, people will remember it.

Ok, I get that, but tell me, how do people find you in the first place? Back to keywords, I guess!!!