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John Dwyer Retired?

Can You Say John Dwyer Retired?

We don’t know if John Dwyer Retired but when he popped up at a Networking Event for Women some interesting points were made

In a group of enthusiastic women there is usually at least one outspoken one and John Dwyer got his share. Making him a tad younger looking, even if just under one eye, the ‘magic ingredient’ worked!

We were there to get some top marketing insights from veteran John Dwyer and were not disappointed

His biggest claim to fame being his catch of Jerry Seinfeld to promote ‘The Greater Building Society’, John Dwyer un-mothballed some, still considered powerful, marketing ideas and tactics, speaking in no uncertain terms that we knew his word has weight

Much of what he had to share has been said before however when you are open to it, there’s always a nugget or two to take away

John Dwyer has certainly made a difference to a lot of businesses with marketing tactics Jay Abraham would be proud of, specially the profit improvement formula – good on you John, it was new to some women in the room

Am I being cynical? No, not at all! I enjoyed meeting the name behind the ‘legend’ and specially since I saw his full page ad in the Voyer Magazine on a flight from Perth to Brisbane and intrigued by that (actually, intrigued to find out if such an ad would serve my business)

So, I was saying, take away nuggets, for me:

Incorrect John Dwyer, texting as part of marketing is done by more than you alone, Stickybeak Marketing has a range of ‘Call to Action’ Marketing ‘Machines’ that use amongst Autoresponder messages, QR codes, flyers – Texting to capture the audience and reporting of details

So my nugget here, thanks John, for putting this info into your talk, I better get ‘my running boots on’ and announce that we offer that!

I also did like your direction (hence my question, retired?) into the digital product and delivery of marketing programs. His offer on the night certainly fair, not sure how many took it up, but the interest was there

So in closing, great Networking Evening, interesting appearance by John Dwyer and his powerful presentation on marketing that works

Look out, he’s around a bit now, you’ll see him in a town near you soon, I’m sure



Was all a bit ‘fuzzy’ at the beginning but John Dwyer cleared it up with his presentation