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How to get more business


Want to get more Business with Social Media?

Local businesses can be confused…more business from Social Media…how?

More Business


How is that possible?

Isn’t Social Media just a lot of time spent on Facebook?

Navigating a new Social Media Platform every week is NOT your average local business owner’s preferred activity…

Local business owners still have questions like these:

What is Social Media? How does it affect my business?

Good questions, what is Social Media exactly to you? Think about it… Much is being written about Social Media and its place in marketing… Social Media is one of the new catch phrases and used in businesses as if it has been recently invented.

But it isn’t… only the implementation is new!

A hundred years ago, if you were the local business, people came to you because you were there. They knew you because you lived in the local community. You most likely went to every social function you could to display your wares and talk to people. This helped you become even better known

Social Men

Many local businesses still have somewhat this belief and pulling them into the Social Media age can be a task

What they are often not yet aware of is that consumers check out almost everything online first….goods and businesses!

Social Media sites are almost more visited than search engines…

…but many local businesses don’t know that!

Here is what Stickybeak is going to do:

We’ve created a 10 step process to help local businesses get started with Social Media

What does that do for you?

We’re inviting you, if you are familiar with Social Media and are using it successfully in your business, to help us spread the word, share your experiences

Come and join the panel at our up coming web event and let local businesses know how Social Media works

You get to promote your business name, be a bit of an expert, at least in what you’ve already achieved with Social Media and help local businesses get a better understanding of how to use it

Contact us here, let us know what you do and why you’d like to be on the panel, and we’ll send you all the details!

Prefer to just be a listener…get the inside views but not as a panelist?….Contact us and let us know…we’ll reserve your seat! It’s FREE

There's a Seat waiting