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Happy Birthday Stickybeak

We’re Celebrating…Stickybeak is turning 3!

…by Sigrid de Kaste

Happy Birthday Stickybeak

We’re celebrating and we’d like YOUR present to us to be:

Your thoughts and ideas on what Stickybeak stands for or what pops up in your mind when you hear the name Stickybeak!

Stickybeak started 3 years ago…Feb the 15th 2010 we came up with the concept and the name….and what a fabulous time it’s been and as we get ready for the big day we invite you to share your thoughts on what our name means to you, what springs to mind when you hear:


Share your thoughts, your ideas on the name Stickybeak in the comments box below …oh…and be sure to leave your details so we can send you a SURPRISE birthday gift from us – we are in the mood to give to You!

We have digital gifts and gifts we can only send by mail…we’ll be promoting you and your business in the process… it’s up to you what sort of a gift you’d like by whatever details you’re leaving for us (you can also use the contact us section if you prefer)

Happy Birthday – come sing along and leave your message



Sigrid de Kaste