Impact & Inspire with a Book

Build a Book to Build Your Business Your Authority Marketing Book

Build a Book to Build a Business allows you to Discover the Power of Authority Marketing

As an aspiring or established entrepreneur, business owner or professional, you are an expert in your industry with a wealth of knowledge.

To let the world know about it, you want to step up, stand out and use the most powerful promotional tool for your business – Publish Your Own BOOK.

What a great idea!!!

The bad news is, that most people make 3 Major Mistakes when writing and publishing their books, sabotaging their own great project.

Learn how to AVOID these MISTAKES and write a Book that Builds your Business, creates Credibility and shows off your Expertise, bringing you new customers and clients effortless!

Build a Book to Build a Business focuses on where to start and what to consider before you start writing

Build a Book to Build a Business is packed with valuable and easily actionable information and contains an insider’s view not likely to be found anywhere else.

It’s a must-read for the serious Business Owner and Entrepreneur, Coach and Consultant alike!

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