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About Stickybeak Marketing

  • Who are We?
    Stickybeak Marketing® offers the knowledge, services and resources in the form of marketing tools and marketing techniques that every business owner needs to effectively use Marketing to gain more sales, more customers and better profits.

In today’s fast paced business world it is hard to keep up with the latest in Online Marketing, understanding Social Media Marketing as well as promoting the face-to-face, traditional part of a business.

Stickybeak Marketing® offers a proven Business Marketing System, Integrating Traditional and Online Marketing that can be accessed online 24 hours a day by the business owner who wishes to work in their own time, after hours or on the weekend. This comprehensive System also offers simple to follow Training Tutorials.

  • What has this System achieved?
    The Business Marketing System has helped Business Owners to double and triple their Business Sales over 12 months of actively using it. Available as an online system with integrated Online Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing Automation.
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  • How does this empower you?
    The Stickybeak Marketing® System puts YOU in Charge!! You will be fully equipped to market your business both, online and in traditional ways.
    Be coached to understand how Marketing makes your sales soar and gets customers coming to you without spending anything extra on Advertising.


  • A little bit about Marketing Consultant Sigrid de Kaste
    Going into business is all about working smarter, not harder and that’s what Sigrid de Kaste achieved. As a Business Coach, she has been helping other business owners achieve the same.

Sigrid de Kaste successfully applied Marketing to build her own businesses to a level where buyers were pushing in fast to be the first to buy her systemized and profitable businesses.

Sigrid applied the principle of systems to set up an online coaching program for time poor business owners who want to grow their business, get more customers and make more sales.

Stickybeak Marketing Team

Hand-picked Professionals contributing their Expertise to make your Project a Success

Hi I’m Sigrid de Kaste and my business, Stickybeak Marketing® provides my personal, practical, hands on Business Development and MarketinSigrid de Kaste g

experience and combines my love for research and creative talents brilliantly!

As the owner of a number of business operations myself, I have experienced first hand the daily challenges on the road to build a business, lead staff, make sales and make time to have a life.

Originally trained as a Photographer I worked in Advertising, PR, Retail, Management and Marketing. When I bought a number of my own businesses my experience and Professional Marketing Education helped me to quickly double and triple the turnover.

The Manufacturing Jewellery Store I owned stands out, it presented every challenge a business owner can think of, so I recorded my success formula and  wrote a book about it, now a No1 Bestseller on Amazon

Working with businesses from a variety of Industries over the years, I have created a clear process and number of Packages and am able to help Businesses succeed in their Industry.

I also understand the challenges of Entrepreneurs and your focus on doing your own Marketing to save money in the early stages of your Business

Sigrid is on Google

…and a member of Women’s Network Australia







Ben Coupland


Hi, I’m Ben Coupland and I am proud to be a consultant with Stickybeak Marketing®

I’ve been working with Sigrid for five years now and during this time I have developed my skills and completed my studies at University and gained my Bachelor in Business Advertising and PR

Sigrid encouraged me to apply the knowledge I was learning at University to practical, real world scenarios.

Now with my studies complete I’m able to add my expertise for your benefit when compiling your Advertising and PR Campaigns as well as Copy Writing

Ben Coupland

B.A., Advertising & Public Relations


Kat Smirnoff


Jekatarina SmirnoffI’m a Marketing Assistant with considerable experience in Sales and Communication

Originally from Lithuania, I incorporate a healthy mix of centuries-old traditions and the hunger for innovation, technology, freedom of thinking and the desire to stand out. I help getting your Website, Blog pages and Social Media set up, secured and looked after

I have worked in sales, digital music distribution, network marketing, hospitality, customer service, as a trainer, interpreter and teacher. My ability to speak 5 languages has helped me achieve greater results working in an international environment



Jordyn Gillam


Jordyn Gillam


Hi, I’m Jordyn Gillam and I love Photoshop, Video Edit and Video Creation

I’ve been with Stickybeak Marketing® since my Traineeship, so I have a pretty good insight into client communication and look after clients and our newsletters








Bruce Hartwig


Hi, I’m Bruce Hartwig, BE (Mech) and as an Engineer I love to apply my experience in IT to back up all technical aspects of Online Marketing and getting your Website, Blog pages and Social Media set up, secured and looked after.

As Small Business owner of I understand the importance of the business online aspect in today’s market and apply it for clients of Stickybeak Marketing®